Ep 6: What Does the Future Hold for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Treatment?

Rethinking Alzheimer’s Disease Podcast

Ep 6: What Does the Future Hold for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Treatment?

April 10, 2024

Ep 6: What Does the Future Hold for Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Treatment?

Alzheimer’s disease is a complicated condition, but researchers are continuing to make important breakthroughs in our understanding of it. In this episode of the “Rethinking Alzheimer’s Disease” podcast, we explore the new era of hope in Alzheimer’s research and treatment.


Scientists and doctors are excited about the advancements in early detection and promising advances that could slow down or even prevent the disease. Dr. Sharon Cohen shares that for the first time, we can detect Alzheimer’s in its earliest stages through simple blood tests, known as blood-based biomarkers. This breakthrough makes diagnosis more accessible and affordable, revolutionizing how we approach Alzheimer’s care.


Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to identify digital biomarkers, such as speech and movement patterns, further aiding in early detection. We also discuss the development of disease-slowing and prevention treatments, emphasizing the importance of clinical trials in bringing these innovations to the public.


Moreover, the podcast highlights the critical need for equity and accessibility in healthcare to ensure that advancements in Alzheimer’s research benefit all communities. Jason Resendez from the National Alliance for Caregiving discusses efforts to address disparities in healthcare and make new treatments more accessible.


As we conclude the Rethinking Alzheimer’s Disease podcast, this episode brings messages of hope from various contributors. Thanks for your interest in Alzheimer’s and the Rethinking Alzheimer’s Disease podcast.


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[01:41] What’s the future of Alzheimer’s care?

[02:41] Developments in blood-based biomarkers

[05:11] AI and digital biomarkers

[06:01] What are the advances in Alzheimer’s treatments?

[07:36] The importance of clinical trials in Alzheimer’s research

[09:23] Messages of hope


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