Orthopedic Marketing Strategies in 2023 #175

Patient Convert Podcast

Orthopedic Marketing Strategies in 2023 #175

April 20, 2023

Orthopedic Marketing Strategies in 2023 #175

What are the practical techniques to acquire more patients for your orthopedic practice, and how can you implement them?

In this episode, Justin discusses the unique challenges and opportunities of orthopedic marketing and shares proven tactics to attract more patients. He deep dives into the critical role of Google business profiles in local search rankings and how to list all services inside each profile page. Justin touches on the importance of self-patient appointment scheduling in making the patient journey frictionless and how it can help filter down the suitable types of patients for ortho doctors to see. Whether you’re a small solo practice or a large multi-location group, this episode has something for everyone looking to grow their patient base in orthopedics. Tune in now!

[00:01 – 06:02] Orthopedic Marketing Strategies to Boost Patient Acquisition

[06:03 – 12:01] Win Local Search for Orthopedic Groups

[12:02 – 17:49] How Demand Side Platforms Are Revolutionizing Healthcare Advertising

[17:50 – 24:18] The Importance of Self-Patient Appointments and Tracking in Healthcare Marketing

[24:19 – 30:49] Closing Segment

Key Quotes:

“If you want even to be competitive, you really need to build really strong content out.” – Justin Knott 

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