Healthcare of the Transgender Patient

Mayo Clinic Talks

Healthcare of the Transgender Patient

June 25, 2024

Healthcare of the Transgender Patient

Host: Darryl S. Chutka, M.D. [@chutkaMD]

Guest: Natalie C. Erbs, M.D.

There is abundant research that indicates there are healthcare inequities experienced by transgender individuals. Transgender patients have the same basic health care needs as any patient. However, in addition, they might also have gender-related healthcare needs and concerns. It’s important for us to meet these healthcare needs, and this requires some special knowledge. The special needs of the transgender patient may be related to gender-affirming hormonal therapy or surgery, or it may relate to gender-specific preventive healthcare. This podcast will explore transgender health care. We’ll discuss the difficulties experienced by transgender patients, the specific healthcare needs they have and how we can become more educated in providing healthcare to transgender patients. My guest is Natalie C. Erbs, M.D., from the Department of Family Medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Coming out as LGBTQ to your health care provider – Mayo Clinic News Network

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