Highlights from HIMSS22


Highlights from HIMSS22

March 18, 2022

Highlights from HIMSS22

Hi from HIMSS22! We’re on the ground in sunny Orlando, Florida, for Global Conference.

In this episode, Healthcare IT News Senior Editor Kat Jercich is joined by Executive Editor Mike Miliard and Executive Editor Susan Morse to talk about what they’ve seen at the conference and any predictions for next year.

Talking points:

-Using the hard lessons of COVID-19 as inspiration moving forward
-The importance of using data to address inequities
-Data cleanliness and governance as AI takes a larger role in healthcare
-How clinicians can be supported in times of increasing stress and burnout
-What cybersecurity experts have to say about ransomware 
-How the pandemic has accelerated change
-Any predictions for next year?

More about this episode:

HIMSS22 opening keynote: ‘What will we do to reimagine health together?’

‘Recognize it, monitor it, audit it’: Taking action to avoid biased healthcare AI

Health inequity solutions require data, analytics and awareness turned into action

To work toward health equity, ‘be a data detective’

National Coordinator: TEFCA will enable ‘North Star’ architecture for public health

60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley addresses workforce challenges at HIMSS22

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