Aging Fast & Slow: Reshaping Systems of Discrimination

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Aging Fast & Slow: Reshaping Systems of Discrimination

December 20, 2023

Aging Fast & Slow: Reshaping Systems of Discrimination

In this podcast episode, we explore how neighborhoods and the policies that govern those communities can reveal long-standing issues of racism within our society. Our guest, Dr. Odis Johnson, Jr. from Johns Hopkins University, is an expert in multiple fields, including health policy, education, and sociology. Dr. Johnson helps us understand how these issues have led to ongoing inequalities, particularly for marginalized communities. We discuss how past discriminatory policies still impact us today and why we need significant changes in our systems. Dr. Johnson also explains how these policies affect the quality of schools in different neighborhoods and their impact on students’ success. 


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-| This episode originally aired on October 3, 2023 on Aging Fast & Slow. Listen, follow and subscribe here.

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