Pulse Oximeters are Inherently Biased

Distrust & Disparities: Dismantling Black Health Disparities

Pulse Oximeters are Inherently Biased

November 17, 2023

Pulse Oximeters are Inherently Biased

In this episode we discuss the origins of pulse oximeters, medical devices that measure oxygen levels, and the unacceptable inaccuracies of readings for people with darker complexions. And we highlight Black researchers in engineering and physics utilizing innovative technology to create equitable pulse oximetry devices.

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Racial bias is built into the design of pulse oximeters – The Washington Post

How a Popular Medical Device Encodes Racial Bias – Boston Review

Pulse Oximeters are Less Accurate in Hospitalized Black Patients – IHPI Brief

COVID-19 made pulse oximeters ubiquitous. Engineers are fixing their racial bias – NPR

Meet the Scientists Who Want to Make Medical Devices Work for Everyone, Finally – Inverse

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