Autopsies & Racial Bias

Distrust & Disparities: Dismantling Black Health Disparities

Autopsies & Racial Bias

January 20, 2023

Autopsies & Racial Bias

In this episode we cover the troubling case of Jocelyn McLean, a Black woman who spent nearly a year in jail after being wrongfully charged for the death of her newborn. And we highlight Dr. Joye Carter, a distinguished Black female forensic pathologist working to address racial bias in the field of pathology and medical examiners.

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Audio Clip 

Jocelyn McLean Story: A Mother of 4 charged with capital murder by The Delta News


Failed Autopsies, False Arrests: A Risk of Bias in Death Examinations by Shaila Dewan

Mother Exonerated in 2016 Death of Infant Recalls Ordeal, Lingering Fears by Clay McFerrin

Wrongfully Accused Mother Pursues Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Mississippi Officials by Innocence Staff 

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