Aftershock Review

Distrust & Disparities: Dismantling Black Health Disparities

Aftershock Review

April 7, 2023

Aftershock Review

In this episode we share our thoughts and opinions about Aftershock, a documentary highlighting the Black maternal mortality crisis in the U.S. This film showcases the advocacy efforts of Black families who have lost loved ones due to preventable childbirth complications.  

Visit the Aftershock website to learn more about the important topics the documentary discusses and to donate to organizations featured in the film, like The Birthing Place and The ARIAH Foundation

Aftershock is available to watch on Hulu and you can also attend upcoming screenings

Follow Aftershock on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter

Check out the 2023 Black Maternal Health Week, a week-long campaign created and led by the Black Mammas Matter Alliance, to build awareness, activism, and community-building​ to amplify ​the voices, perspectives and lived experiences of Black Mamas and birthing people. 

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Audio Clip

AFTERSHOCK | OFFICIAL TRAILER | Onyx Collective | ABC News Studios | Hulu by Hulu


Maternal Mortality Rates in the United States, 2021

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