Art, Mutualism, and Structural Resilience

Aging Fast & Slow

Art, Mutualism, and Structural Resilience

January 3, 2024

Art, Mutualism, and Structural Resilience

Grandmothers, coaches, school nurses, barbers — what are the roles of non-traditional community leaders like these and what critical roles can they play in engaging historically divested communities and isolated individuals? How can art, imagination, and collective action model best practices for more equitable structures? We are joined by Marisa Morán Jahn, an artist whose work with low-wage workers, new immigrant families, and public housing residents has been described by the Chicago Tribune as exploring “civic spaces and the radical art of play.” She is Director of Integrated Design at Parsons/The New School and a Senior Researcher at MIT. We are also joined by Micah Campbell-Smith, a community developer who launched Black Pittsburgh Matters and has designed policies and trainings with New York’s Community Preservation Corporation and Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority.

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