#51 Dr. Glaucomflecken on Advocacy Through Comedy

AAOS Advocacy Podcast

#51 Dr. Glaucomflecken on Advocacy Through Comedy

March 13, 2024

#51 Dr. Glaucomflecken on Advocacy Through Comedy

Comedian and ophthalmologist Dr. Will Flanary, better known as Dr. Glaucomflecken by his 4 million followers on social media, recently sat down for an exclusive interview during the AAOS 2024 Annual Meeting. He shared his story of going from patient to accidental healthcare advocate and explained how he uses medical satire to entertain and bring attention to key public policy issues.

Guest: Will Flanary, MD, AKA Dr. Glaucomflecken, comedian and ophthalmologist

Host: Adam Bruggeman, MD, FAAOS, FAOrthA, Chair, AAOS Advocacy Council


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