#14 Shaping Health Policy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

AAOS Advocacy Podcast

#14 Shaping Health Policy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Claudette Lajam, MD, FAAOS, NYU Langone Orthopedic Center
December 29, 2020

#14 Shaping Health Policy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Recounting the ways AAOS shaped health policy in the year 2020 cannot be done without mentioning COVID-19. What began as a year dedicated to encouraging physician burden relief and resolving surprise medical billing, quickly turned into a rapid transformation of telehealth and fight for relief to preserve access to musculoskeletal services. NYC-based joint replacement surgeon Claudette Lajam, MD, FAAOS, explains what it was like in the epicenter of the pandemic, and how rapidly changing regulations impacted patient care throughout the year and will continue to affect the orthopaedic profession for years to come.

Hosts: Kristen Coultas, AAOS Advocacy Communications Director and Graham Newson, AAOS Vice President of Government Relations

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