The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

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Glycemic Risk Index: Dynamic New Tool for Diabetes Treatment Planning with Dr. David Klonoff & Dr. David Kerr

Dr. David Klonoff and Dr. David Kerr are authors of a recent study that introduces a new practical metric, the glycemic risk index. They join the Huddle to talk about the practicalities of this emerging metric and share how it can be used by clinicians to quickly assess a person’s glycemic risk. It’s a fascinating conversation that will leave you with a tool to easier leverage CGM-generated data and produce improved health outcomes for your patients. ResourcesKlonoff, David C., et al. “A Glycemia Risk Index (GRI) of Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Validated by Clinician Ratings.” Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Mar. 2022, doi:10.1177/19322968221085273GRI web-based calculator: Excel File to calculate multiple tracings: Digital Health book: Digital Health and Telehealth book:
September 28, 2022

ADCES22 Live: What People with Diabetes Need

We caught Jane K. Dickinson PhD, RN, CDCES at ADCES22 in Baltimore, MD after she finished hosting a panel discussion. The panel showcased Julie K. Heverly at the DiaTribe Foundation, Mary Jane Roche from the College Diabetes Network, and T’ara Smith from Beyond Type 1. All three are individuals live with diabetes and took the stage to share their perspectives and experiences with DCESs. Jane joins us today to share the highlights of that discussion, along with some insights into how the DCES and other healthcare professionals can further support the needs of their patients.ResourcesADCES22 On-Demand Session available until October 24, 2022 at 
September 20, 2022

Supporting the Unique Healthcare Needs of Agricultural Workers with Maria Bustamante & Megan Martinez

Maria Bustamante and Megan Martinez are involved in the diabetes care and prevention programs at the National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH) and join us today to share some of the work they’re doing to improve health outcomes for the vital workforce of agricultural workers. While the topic may sound niche at first, you are likely to recognize the challenges faced by agricultural workers in your own patent populations, especially if you are working within immigrant communities, in rural, agricultural settings, or with men with physically demanding jobs. You’ll hear how Megan and Maria’s teams developed resources to meet people with prediabetes or diabetes where they are—and we’ll tell you how you can access these tools for your own practice! ResourcesDiabetes & U.S. Agricultural Workers Data: worker access campaign: Diabetes Resource Hub: game: Diabetes Webinar Archive: Health Information and Referral Hotline: readiness worksheet: for being active for men who are already physically active: for reducing risks: resources in Spanish:
September 13, 2022

ADCES22 Live: What’s New & What’s Next in Tech from the Exhibit Hall with Dr. Jane Seley

Dr Jane Jeffrie Seley, MPH, MSN, NP, RN, APRN, BC-ADM, CDCES, FADCES, brings us the top highlights from the technology seen at the ADCES22 conference in Baltimore this year. She’s talking about what’s new and what’s next in CGM, BGM, insulin delivery, connected devices, and more.  Jane references specific of devices and manufacturers here, but keep in mind that these references are for educational purposes and do not represent an endorsement from ADCES.Show
August 30, 2022

The Dangers of Perfectionism in Diabetes with Alexis Skelley & Kersti Spjut

Alexis Skelley, LISW-CP/S, LCSW, CDCES, and Kersti Spjut, PhD, join The Huddle to talk about the dangers of perfectionism in diabetes. You’ll learn the risks and signs of unhealthy perfectionism in diabetes or prediabetes management and get practical steps to help these individuals develop a more flexible approach. You’ll even get some pearls of wisdom you can use yourself. Resources:ADCES22 sessions on demand: ADCES22.orgKersti's website: DrKerstiSpjut.comKersti's Instagram (@drkerstispjut): Carolina AHAC: scahec.netAlexis’ Instagram (@Diabetes_Therapist): Kristin Neff's website and book: Article about self-compassion and exercise:Rapoport, O., Bengel, S., Möcklinghoff, S., & Neidhardt, E. (2022). Self-compassion moderates the influence of procrastination on postponing sporting activity. Personality and Individual Differences, 185, 111242. of the research on weight cycling and weight stigma: What Is Weight Cycling? — Christy Harrison - Intuitive Eating Dietitian, Anti-Diet Author, & Certified Eating Disorders SpecialistWhat Is Weight Stigma? — Christy Harrison - Intuitive Eating Dietitian, Anti-Diet Author, & Certified Eating Disorders Specialist
August 23, 2022

Fighting Toxic Stress With Healthy Coping Strategies, with Quisha Umemba

Quisha Umemba, MPH, BSN, RN, CDCES, joins us to discuss the serious impact of stress on people with cardiometabolic conditions like diabetes and prediabetes. You’ll hear how chronic stress can complicate self-management and care, and how a person’s behaviors in response to stress can either hinder or help their health. Tune in for practical tips and resources to help you identify signs of toxic stress in your patients and improve their healthy coping skills.ResourcesDiversity in Diabetes Website: Psychological Association Fact Sheet on Health Disparities and Stress:
August 9, 2022

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

The official podcast of the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists. Join us as we discuss the latest news, issues, and updates in diabetes care, education, advocacy and technology.
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Kirsten Yehl, Associate Director for Research and Proposals

Kirsten Yehl, Associate Director for Research and Proposals

Kirsten Yehl is the Associate Director of Research and Proposals at ADCES. In her role at ADCES, Kirsten facilitates the research committee and works collaboratively with diabetes care and education specialists, subject matter and methodological experts, across the US to translate and integrate DCES research into policy and practice. Her conversations on the Huddle are driven by a natural curiosity and interest in connecting experts from across the care space to improve care and outcomes for people with diabetes. She brings over twenty years of experience in public health, health services, and outcomes research, to her conversations on the Huddle and cherishes each Huddle conversation as a chance to learn from and connect with the people making a difference on the front lines of diabetes care.

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