The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Comprehensive Care: Highlighting the Psychosocial Considerations of T1D Screening

The decision on whether to screen yourself or loved ones for Type 1 diabetes risk can be a very personal one. In the last episode of a three-part series, we're joined by Laura Smith PhD, CDCES and Holly O’Donnell, PhD as they discuss the psychosocial factors to consider when talking about T1D screening—including the reasons why a person may or may not want to be screened and how to talk to children and their families about what a potential diagnosis means for them.
April 2, 2024

Get ready for ADCES24! Everything to look forward to at this year’s meeting with Lisa Hodgson

Registration for ADCES24 is now open! Each year, ADCES' annual conference brings together thousands of professionals in the diabetes care space, and this year's event is not one to miss! Conference chair Lisa Hodgson, RD, CDN, CDCES, FADCES joins The Huddle to share all of the exciting sessions and events to look forward to this year in New Orleans. Learn more and register at
March 26, 2024

Connecting Communities: Increasing Access to T1D Screening

Screening for Type 1 diabetes is crucial for earlier detection and management of the disease, but many people don’t know that they should be screened or how to access that screening. In the 2nd episode in our three-part series on T1D screening, University Hospital’s Chief of Staff - Office of President & CEO, Franklin Hickey, PhD, RN, NEA, BC, Executive Director of Community and Population Health, Colette Barrow Adams, PhD, MPA, MDiv, and JDRF Patient Navigator, Courtney Harris joined The Huddle to talk about a partnership with JDRF that has allowed more than 1,000 people to be screened for early T1D in the underserved Newark, New Jersey area. They also discuss the importance of meeting people where they are and understanding barriers to access when looking to increase screening rates. Educational grant support for this episode is provided by Sanofi.
March 12, 2024

Less lecture, more dialogue: Increasing engagement and highlighting value with Dr. Bob Gabbay

Chief Scientific and Medical Officer for the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Bob Gabbay, joined The Huddle live at ADCES' 2023 annual meeting in August. He touched on the challenges of addressing diabetes in primary care and the value of a DCES in this area, as well as the importance of active listening, perceived value, and engaging teaching styles when working with people with diabetes.
February 27, 2024

Understanding The Food Factors That Can Impact Glucose Levels with Amy Hess-Fischl

Advanced practice dietitian Amy Hess Fischl MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE joined The Huddle to talk about the various food factors that can impact glucose levels, how to help people with diabetes address and understand the factors that impact them most, and how people with diabetes may adjust their insulin doses based on these various factors. This podcast is being produced in collaboration with JDRF. JDRF works to improve the lives of individuals living with T1D by providing meaningful educational resources for health care professionals and community members.
February 20, 2024

Tackling Health Inequities: Small Steps Can Move the Needle with Dr. Ebekozien

Addressing the inequities that exist in diabetes care relies on each and every one of us in the diabetes space. On this episode of The Huddle, we spoke with Dr. Osagie Ebekozien, Chief Medical Officer at the T1D Exchange and award-winning researcher. Dr. Ebekozien talked about T1D Exchange’s Health Equity Advancement Lab (HEAL) and it's work in advancing health equity for underserved populations. He also outlines actionable steps, no matter how big or small, that DCES across the country can take to advance this work in their practices. Please note, this podcast was originally recorded in 2023, and host Sacha Uelmen has since moved on from ADCES to pursue another professional opportunity. Learn more about T1D Exchange here: T1D Exchange Homepage - T1D Exchange and learn more about the Health Equity Advancement Lab specifically here: HEAL - T1D Exchange Stay up to date on diabetes advocacy initiatives here: Diabetes Advocacy ( Dive deeper into health equity research at the links below: Addressing type 1 diabetes health inequities in the United States: Approaches from the T1D Exchange QI Collaborative Achieving Equity in Diabetes Research: Borrowing From the Field of Quality Improvement Using a Practical Framework and Improvement Tools Equitable Post-COVID-19 Care: A Practical Framework to Integrate Health Equity in Diabetes Management
January 30, 2024

Kicking off ADCES’s 2024-2028 Strategic Plan with Lucille Hughes

Recorded live at ADCES23, ADCES Immediate Past President Lucille Hughes, DNP, MSN/Ed, CDCES, BC-ADM, FADCES joined The Huddle to introduce ADCES's new strategic plan, and to explain the importance of community involvement and knowing your worth when it comes to diabetes care and education. View ADCES' full 2024-2028 full strategic plan here: adces-strategic-plan.pdf ( Learn more about the plan on our blog: Advance the Expertise of the DCES: A Core Goal of the 2024-28 ADCES Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Goal #1: Improve Access to Diabetes Care and Education: A Strategic Focus for 2024 and Beyond (
January 9, 2024

Screening for Type 1 Diabetes: Unveiling Common Misconceptions and Understanding the Stages with Anastasia Albanese-O’Neill

Understanding the ins and outs of Type 1 diabetes and its stages is key in accurately screening for and managing the disease. In the first of a three-part series, we're joined by Associate Vice President of T1D Education and Clinical Implementation at JDRF and 2023 Diabetes Educator of the Year Anastasia Albanese-O’Neill, PhD, APRN, CDCES. In this episode, Dr. O'Neill talks about common misconceptions of T1D, as well as the stages of T1D and the importance of evaluating and understanding these stages when diagnosing and working with people and families affected by T1D. Educational grant support for this episode is provided by Sanofi. Learn more about T1D risk screening and additional resources on JDRF's website: Learn more and gain access to T1D screening kits via TrialNet: or ASK: Learn more about the Search for Diabetes in Youth study here: SEARCH FOR DIABETES IN YOUTH
December 19, 2023
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The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

The official podcast of the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists. Join us as we discuss the latest news, issues, and updates in diabetes care, education, advocacy and technology.


Kirsten Yehl, Associate Director for Research and Proposals

Kirsten Yehl, Associate Director for Research and Proposals

Kirsten Yehl is the Associate Director of Research and Proposals at ADCES. In her role at ADCES, Kirsten facilitates the research committee and works collaboratively with diabetes care and education specialists, subject matter and methodological experts, across the US to translate and integrate DCES research into policy and practice. Her conversations on the Huddle are driven by a natural curiosity and interest in connecting experts from across the care space to improve care and outcomes for people with diabetes. She brings over twenty years of experience in public health, health services, and outcomes research, to her conversations on the Huddle and cherishes each Huddle conversation as a chance to learn from and connect with the people making a difference on the front lines of diabetes care.

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