Integrating Technology into Practice with Diana Issacs

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

Integrating Technology into Practice with Diana Issacs

The number of technological tools and devices diabetes care and education specialists have in their arsenal continues to grow year after year. However, many barriers stand in the way of…
August 11, 2020

Integrating Technology into Practice with Diana Issacs


  • ADCES guidance on technology is now available in two practice papers available  at
  • Danatech was developed to support the technology access and assessment needs of healthcare professionals who care for patients living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Danatech is free to ADCES members, log in in today
  • ADCES workforce training offers customized training on topics like CGM, insulin pump therapy and pattern management. Learn more about this training at



Isaacs, D., Cox, C., Schwab, K., Oser, T. K., Rinker, J., Mason, M. J., … Albanese-O’Neill, A. (2020). Technology Integration: The Role of the Diabetes Care and Education Specialist in Practice. The Diabetes Educator, 46(4), 323–334.


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