Throw the doors open, build your team, tell everyone. #S10e64


Throw the doors open, build your team, tell everyone. #S10e64

TELL EVERYONE - New mom chat - Kali’s article and twitter      -       - - Tavillas: (6/22/15)   CHECK OUT THIS C...
June 14, 2022

Throw the doors open, build your team, tell everyone. #S10e64


– New mom chat

– Kali’s article and twitter



– Tavillas: (6/22/15)





– Anglemans and Ionis! 

– Praxis update: At the end, scroll down. 



– Webinar was awesome

– Sign up!



– Assessment: – 

– Webinar: 

– Sponsored testing with Mahzi! 



 – June 2022 

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– MDBR: Join us and secure $30k matching funds  

– MICE: Help us Make 2! 



– June 25 in DFW – Join us for a family meeting and hear from Dr. Perry.  Link soon.

– September 12-14 in San Diego – #GlobalGenes Meeting.  Link soon.

– October 8 in NJ – Caren Leib Gala 

– October 8 in SC – Scramble for SYNGAP  

– November 12 in GA – Sparks of Hope Gala 

– December 1 in TN – Syngap Science Meeting – 


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Episode 64 of #Syngap10 – June 14, 2022

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Copy from letter from Praxis:

Monday morning, June 6th, we published an 8K filing announcing news involving multiple programs at Praxis Precision Medicines. One of these announcements pertained to the FDA’s clinical hold on our recent IND filing for PRAX-222 in SCN2A, so we wanted to share further context for it.

On May 25, 2022, the Company received a communication from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) providing additional information on the clinical hold placed on the Company’s Investigational New Drug application (the “IND”) for the study of PRAX-222, an antisense oligonucleotide, for the treatment of patients with SCN2A gain-of-function mutations. The communication indicated that our IND could be cleared once we submit additional documentation related to the preclinical non-human primate toxicology study that supports the proposed starting dose in the clinical study. We’re requesting a Type A meeting with the FDA to confirm the study design and further clarify the requirements for dose escalation beyond the starting dose. This surely will leave our SCN2A community with questions about the timing of our path forward. While the protocol and the discussions being held with the FDA remain confidential, we will do our best to maintain transparency and responsiveness throughout the process.  


We continue to be fully committed to advancing PRAX-222 to clinical study. We also want to restate that this news is specific to PRAX-222, without impact on our PRAX-562 program for SCN2A, SCN8A and TSC. In Monday’s press release, we reiterated our focus on driving toward proof of concept for PRAX-562. We’ll provide further updates on PRAX-562 as we approach major milestones on this path. In addition, our other programs in PCDH19 and SYNGAP1 remain on-track.  


Beyond epilepsy, Monday’s 8K filing announced significant news pertaining to our Aria study of PRAX-114 in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). It is with great regret that we announce the failure of the Aria Study, a study to determine the efficacy of a GABBA PAM extrasynaptic preference medicine to achieve fast-acting, lasting reduction of symptoms of MDD. After reviewing the data and our operational controls and observing failure to achieve our primary endpoint, we determined that PRAX-114 was indeed safe but not efficacious, and no further research and development of PRAX-114 is warranted. This conclusion has a negative impact on the study of PRAX-114 to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Essential Tremor. This is a difficult decision for the Praxis team; but our commitment and capacity to researching and developing genetic insight-based treatments for people living with disorders of the CNS is in no way diminished.

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