NEJM This Week — January 14, 2021

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NEJM This Week — January 14, 2021

Podcast of news and medicine from the NEJM.
January 13, 2021

NEJM This Week — January 14, 2021

Featuring articles on omecamtiv mecarbil in systolic heart failure, sotagliflozin in diabetes with heart failure, sotagliflozin for heart failure in diabetes and kidney disease, bupropion and naltrexone for methamphetamine use, and procuring oligodendrocytes after spinal cord injury; a review article on Ewing’s sarcoma; a case report of a woman with lethargy and altered mental status; and Perspective articles on the Purdue Pharma opioid settlement, on drug-coated devices for peripheral arterial disease, and on the doctor as street-level bureaucrat.


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