NEJM This Week — August 10, 2023

NEJM This Week – Audio Summaries

NEJM This Week — August 10, 2023

Podcast of news and medicine from the NEJM.
August 9, 2023

NEJM This Week — August 10, 2023

Featuring articles on neoadjuvant therapy for lung cancer, a phase 2 trial of retatrutide for obesity, systemic inflammation and normocytic anemia in DOCK11 deficiency, and on the social determinants of health; a review article on thrombocytopenia in pregnant women; a case report of a man with a pulmonary nodule; and Perspective articles on over-the-counter access to HIV preexposure prophylaxis, on preparing physicians for the clinical algorithm era, and on reading Kafka in the hospital cafeteria.

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