NEJM This Week — April 14, 2022

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NEJM This Week — April 14, 2022

Podcast of news and medicine from the NEJM.
April 13, 2022

NEJM This Week — April 14, 2022

Featuring articles on nirmatrelvir plus ritonavir for Covid-19, the treatment of acute Achilles’ tendon rupture, rilzabrutinib in immune thrombocytopenia, mitapivat for pyruvate kinase deficiency, and global health and the moral clarity of Paul Farmer; a review article on cancer-associated hypercalcemia; a case report of a woman with pancytopenia; and Perspective articles on fully realizing SNAP’s health benefits, on the 2022 Child Nutrition Reauthorization, and reflections on caring for the unvaccinated.

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