COVID-19 Personal Risk & Community Vulnerability

Navigating the Pandemic

COVID-19 Personal Risk & Community Vulnerability

October 9, 2022

COVID-19 Personal Risk & Community Vulnerability

In this episode, Dr. April Moreno discusses COVID protections for individuals now that it is becoming more of a personal risk assessment to navigate the new normal. We discuss mental health and isolation, the immunocompromised community, and how the social determinants of health affect how communities protect themselves. Dr. Moreno holds a doctorate in health promotion sciences and information systems technology and is a seasoned public health professional and podcaster. 

Dr. Moreno’s Recommendations for COVID personal protections: 

  1. Local drugs stores have KN95s available for free. 
  2. CDC Find Free Masks
  3. Have air filters and keep your windows open for ventilation. 
  4. DIY box fan air filter 
  5. Wash your hands. 
  6. When you live with or near others, wear your mask indoors. 

Other resources: 

Public Health Podcast Network:

The Peoples Public Health Conference: 

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