[SPECIAL EDITION] – Saul Marquez – Outcomes Rocket

Impulse – Meeting Healthcare Pioneers

[SPECIAL EDITION] – Saul Marquez – Outcomes Rocket

July 14, 2022

[SPECIAL EDITION] – Saul Marquez – Outcomes Rocket

This is a special episode where we receive Saul Marquez, host of Outcomes Rocket, one of the leading podcast series in the healthcare space, having already interviewed key opinion leaders from the field throughout more than 1000 episodes!

The format of the podcast is slightly different from the episodes produced so far as part of Impulse, with shorter conversations and a stronger business focus.

The range of topics covered though is unprecedented: with testimonials from people working in the industry (from startups to big corporations), Academia, healthcare providers, or in insurance firms. It’s hard not to say that they’ve probably already covered all the potential topics the field may offer!

Outcomes Rocket is available at the following platforms:

You can find out more about Outcomes Rocket through their website, we also invite you to follow their activities on LinkedIn and subscribe to their newsletter.

If you want to reach out to Saul, feel free to contact him through LinkedIn!

If you want to give me feedback on the episode, ask questions or suggest potential guests, feel free to do so through LinkedIn or by email: [email protected].

 And if you liked the episode, don’t hesitate to share it, subscribe to the podcast and leave a positive review on streaming platforms!

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