#25 – Stopping a bleed in three seconds – Joe Landolina – Cresilon

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#25 – Stopping a bleed in three seconds – Joe Landolina – Cresilon

November 12, 2023

#25 – Stopping a bleed in three seconds – Joe Landolina – Cresilon

We don’t need to look far in the daily news to understand the stakes and the importance of having efficient solutions to control and stop bleeding.

In the times we live in, where the world is crippled by a series of humanitarian catastrophes (some of natural origin, some of human origin), technological wonders from the medical field make me truly hopeful about the future, and about what we can achieve as humans.

One of them is the hemostatic gel – a gel that can stop bleeding – that Joe Landolina and his team at Cresilon created.

And its astonishing performance is easy to grasp: any bleed can be stopped within three seconds.

Compared to traditional methods that require several minutes, it can mean the difference between life and death.

There’s so much that impresses in Joe’s journey since the foundation of Cresilon: the fact that he developed the gel formulation himself, that he founded the company at 17 years old in his first year at University, or that Cresilon now represents the largest biotech manufacturing site in New York, and so much more!

Beyond these successes, this episode is an ode to biomimicry and the science of biomaterials. Joe reveals everything about the functioning of this revolutionary medical product, its ability to stop bleeding almost instantly, and what it changes in medicine for the treatment of superficial injuries, but especially for the most severe traumatic cases.

A surprising encounter with a prodigious entrepreneur, building his path on resilience and adaptability, with the long-term vision to transform bleeding control in humans!


  • 02:23 – Joe’s background and founding Cresilon in his first year in college
  • 06:15 – Cresilon’s mission and the technology at its core
  • 08:42 – How the hemostatic gel from Cresilon compares to traditional bleeding control methods
  • 10:40 – The explanation behind Cresilon’s hemostatic gel unique performance
  • 16:06 – How the gel is applied and removed
  • 21:44 – Marketing first the product for veterinary application before moving to human use
  • 25:27 – Being the only biotech company with manufacturing capabilities in New York
  • 34:15 – Setting up the company to become a large medtech player in the long term

What we also talked about with Joe:

We cited with Joe some of the past episodes from the series:

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You will find here the TED Talk that Joe held in 2015, and here the Medsider podcast episode between Joe and Scott Nelson that we mention in this episode of Impulse.

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