#17 – Coaching as the key to a better health – Eugene Borukhovich – YourCoach.Health

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#17 – Coaching as the key to a better health – Eugene Borukhovich – YourCoach.Health

February 21, 2023

#17 – Coaching as the key to a better health – Eugene Borukhovich – YourCoach.Health

How can we support each and every one of us in identifying and pursuing our goals towards a healthier life, in a world where access to care seems to be continuously shrinking?

The solution may lie in health coaching and making it accessible across the globe.

Having witnessed his wife successfully battling breast cancer and becoming a certified health coach, Eugene Borukhovich joined her entrepreneurial adventure at YourCoach.Health in 2020 to co-found the first and only operating system for behavior change powered by an army of helath and wellness coaches.

As a recognized and beloved leader in the healthcare space, Eugene relies on his incredibly diverse experience in the space – as an intra- and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder, advisor and even podcaster – to drive the operations of the platform.

Three years down the line, it regroups more than 3000 certified health coaches, impacting a number of lives higher by several orders of magnitude, on a daily basis.

There is still a long way to go to reach the projected 9 billion people on earth by 2030, but their determination is unquestionable: join the journey and learn all about health coaching in this new episode, the science behind it, and what it can do for you!


  • 02:22 – Eugene’s background in healthcare and most particularly digital health
  • 07:35 – What triggered Eugene’s move towards entrepreneurship and health coaching
  • 11:19 – What health coaching is about
  • 20:41 – Moving from a Global corporate role to being your own boss
  • 24:54 – Eugene’s take on making collaborations between startups and corporates in healthcare successful
  • 29:23 – What led Eugene to go into podcasting and start the DTx Podcast and Shot of Digital Health Therapy

What we also talked about with Eugene:

As mentioned in the episode, you can learn more about YourCoach.Health through their website and their app available on the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can also follow their activities on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

For further information about health coaching and the science behind it, we’d recommend you to check out the podcast produced by the YourCoach.Health team, as well as The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching.

If you want to get in touch with Eugene, feel free to contact him per email at [email protected], or on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

In case you want to give me feedback on the episode, ask questions or suggest potential guests, feel free to do so through LinkedIn or per email at [email protected].

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