#12 – Unleashing the power of digital health – Daniel Kraft – Digital.Health

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#12 – Unleashing the power of digital health – Daniel Kraft – Digital.Health

November 1, 2022

#12 – Unleashing the power of digital health – Daniel Kraft – Digital.Health

Daniel Kraft is a surprising and admirable figure in the digital health landscape.

Originally trained as a physician in internal medicine and pediatrics, he then distinguished himself by his research work focusing on regenerative medicine, while at the same time initiating several entrepreneurial projects in the medtech space. RegenMed Systems is one of them, a company that he founded and which led him to create a new type of medical device to facilitate bone marrow harvest procedures. IntelliMedicine is another one, where he aims to create a system enabling patients to 3D print their own medication at home, avoiding the intake of multiple pills on a daily basis. Aside from his own entrepreneurial endeavours, he advises several Fortune-50 and digital health-related startups, and is on the board of

As one of the most renowned ambassadors of digital health, he is driven by the conviction that innovation in this space can only result from the synergies of disciplines and technologies that may initially be totally distant from the medical sphere. Through his activities at the Singularity University or through the program Exponential Medicine that he initiated, he brings together brilliant minds from a broad range of specialties who come together to explore convergent and rapidly developing technologies, to develop relevant applications in healthcare.

Often called upon to speak to the future of health, medicine and technology, he has already given multiple TED and TEDMED Talks, and delivered keynotes to a wide array of organizations on those subjects.

We talked with Daniel about his early days in the healthcare world, why he decided to study medicine and orient himself on this path, his perspective on the importance of collaboration and boldness when it comes to creating new digital health solutions, what the future looks like from his lens, but also how he manages to stay on top of things while keeping a healthy lifestyle!


  • 00:59 – Daniel’s background moving from medical studies, through biomedical research, entrepreneurship and thought leadership in digital health
  • 03:56 – What drove Daniel to start a career in healthcare
  • 05:54 – How converging new digital technologies can benefit medical progress
  • 09:00 – The shift in adoption within the medical community towards digital health
  • 10:49 – The types of medical data available these days to advance our understanding and management of diseases
  • 14:30 – Establishing a general database to reference all things digital health – Digital.Health
  • 20:16 – Zooming in on RegenMed Systems and IntelliMedicine
  • 26:25 – A lookout on Daniel’s potential future projects in healthcare
  • 31:54 – Daniel’s tips and secrets on his (almost) endless source of energy and drive

What we also talked about with Daniel:

You can learn more about Daniel’s activities through his website (we recommend you to subscribe to his weekly newsletter), and you can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For a deep-dive into digital health solutions, we recommend you to consult Digital.Health, the database that Daniel and his team put together and which regroups most of the solutions already available out there.

In case you want to experience the thrill of digital health and share your ideas with some of the brightest minds in the field, check out NextMed.Health, the conference in San Diego curated by Daniel and his team from March 13 to 16 next year.

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