Healthcare for Humans: Advancing Healthcare Equity

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Healthcare for Humans: Advancing Healthcare Equity

February 6, 2024

Healthcare for Humans: Advancing Healthcare Equity

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In this solo episode, host Raj Sundar reflects on the past year and the growth of the “Healthcare for Humans” podcast. He shares insights into the challenges and rewards of balancing multiple roles alongside personal responsibilities and celebrating milestones such as reaching 34 episodes and adding new team members. Raj discusses the importance of facilitating meaningful conversations, enhancing communication skills, and learning from guests to understand culturally diverse communities better. He emphasizes listening, storytelling, and embracing discomfort as essential elements in effecting tangible change.

Timestamped overview:

  • 00:00 Balancing structure and engagement through historical content.
  • 03:20 Finding purpose and hope through global connections.
  • 07:04 Thanks for joining, share, support, see you!

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-| This episode originally aired on December 27, 2023 on Healthcare for Humans. Listen, follow and subscribe here.

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