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NEJM This Week — May 12, 2022

We discuss the latest in medical research and ideas.
May 11, 2022
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Ukraine – The Frontlines of War & a Public Health Crisis

In the first of a short series of special podcasts, we “Share The Mic” with Frontline AIDS to highlight the critical role communities themselves have to play in defeating AIDS and other pandemics. We head to Ukraine, and learn more about how Frontline AIDS’ national partner, the Alliance for Public Health is delivering HIV medications and health services, despite desperately difficult circumstances, to people in need. And we dig deep into how global funding for the global response to AIDS is being squeezed by both the radical disruption of the global security order precipitated by the war, and the global COVID-19 pandemic.  For more information about how you can help the Alliance for Public Health save lives in Ukraine visit Joining host, Ben Plumley, are panelists Christine Stegling, Executive Director, Frontline AIDS Pavlo Smyrnov, Deputy Executive Director, Alliance for Public Health, Ukraine Elisha Dunn-Georgiou, President and CEO, Global Health Council Directed by Erik Espera, and our digital producer is Troy Espera. The Frontline AIDS production team are Fionnuala Murphy, Will Harris and Allie Liu. #StandWithUkraine #WARINUKRAINE #Ukraine #war #AIDS #HIV #TB #Malaria #harmreduction #humanrights #communities #GlobalFund #GlobalHealth #PandemicsResponses #COVID
May 11, 2022
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NEJM This Week — May 5, 2022

Featuring articles on baricitinib for alopecia areata, convalescent plasma for early SARS-CoV-2 infection, efficacy of a fourth mRNA vaccine dose in Israel, ivermectin for early Covid-19, a new image for cell sorting, and metric myopia; a review article on nonspecific low back pain; a Clinical Problem-Solving on looking back; and Perspective articles on designing Cures 2.0, on real-world evidence, and on addressing misinformation on social media. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 18.
May 4, 2022
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Five Evidence-Based Strategies For Losing Weight

With summer right around the corner, it’s quite common for people to focus on shedding a few pounds. While many diets and fads have some merit, today we’re going to talk about five simple, science-based weight loss strategies that can help you slim down before summer. These include: tracking your diet and exercise daily, starting your day with protein, intermittent fasting, balancing your gut bacteria, and of course, reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs.
April 29, 2022
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NEJM This Week — April 28, 2022

Featuring articles on CT or coronary angiography in stable chest pain, protection against omicron by a fourth vaccine dose, a vaccine for RSV in pregnancy, nasal high-flow therapy during neonatal intubation, and reassessing quality assessment; a review article on understanding vaccine safety; a case report of a man with myalgias, fever, and bradycardia; and Perspective articles on the e-cigarette flavor debate and on breaking down the residency match rate. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 17.
April 27, 2022
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NEJM This Week — April 21, 2022

Featuring articles on restricted calories and eating times in weight loss, asthma therapy in Black and Latinx adults, ivosidenib in IDH1-mutated acute myeloid leukemia, vaccine boost effects on protection against omicron, and fighting cardiac fibrosis with CAR T cells; a review article on early-onset colorectal cancer; a case report of a woman with transient ischemic attack and mitral valve masses; and Perspective articles on a change in the leading cause of death among U.S. children, on strengthening the Medicaid Reentry Act, and on Covid-19’s devastating effect on tuberculosis care. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 16.
April 20, 2022
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NEJM This Week — April 14, 2022

Featuring articles on nirmatrelvir plus ritonavir for Covid-19, the treatment of acute Achilles’ tendon rupture, rilzabrutinib in immune thrombocytopenia, mitapivat for pyruvate kinase deficiency, and global health and the moral clarity of Paul Farmer; a review article on cancer-associated hypercalcemia; a case report of a woman with pancytopenia; and Perspective articles on fully realizing SNAP’s health benefits, on the 2022 Child Nutrition Reauthorization, and reflections on caring for the unvaccinated. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 15.
April 13, 2022
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The Evolution of Cartilage Restoration with Guest Solomon Wilcots

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by former NFL safety and broadcaster Solomon Wilcots to discuss advancements in cartilage restoration.
April 11, 2022
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12. ​​Patterns of Inequality in Global Disease Response & COVID-19 with Dr. Boghuma Kabisen Titanji

A collective push for global vaccine equity will help us circumvent unnecessary suffering and deaths, protect economies, and mitigate against new virus variants.  I have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Boghuma Titanji, a medical doctor and clinical researcher, for this episode on patterns of inequality in global disease response and coordinated action in the fight against COVID. We also cover discuss why it’s in the best interest of all countries to continue supporting equitable vaccine dissemination. Dr. Titanji recently coauthored an article in The Atlantic titled: The Pandemic Is Following a Very Predictable and Depressing Pattern, which I encourage listeners to check out along with the other resources listed below.  Other resources: Morgue data hint at COVID’s true toll in Africa, Nature Accelerating an Effective and Equitable COVID-19 Response and Pandemic-proofing the Future, Pandemic Action Network It is not too late to achieve global covid-19 vaccine equity, BMJ
April 9, 2022
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NEJM This Week — April 7, 2022

Featuring articles on endovascular therapy for large cerebral infarction, population immunity and Covid-19 severity with the omicron variant in South Africa, tebipenem for complicated urinary tract infection, an implanted stimulator in multiple-system atrophy, U.S. medical faculty diversity over four decades, and the origins of calcific aortic stenosis; a review article on the laboratory diagnosis of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease; a Clinical Problem-Solving describing a burning question; and Perspective articles on ten years of Choosing Wisely to reduce low-value care, on putting health and equity at the center of the climate movement, and on the wild west of checkpoint inhibitor development. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 14.
April 6, 2022
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How To Create Healthy Lifestyle Habits with Karen Malkin

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Karen Malkin from Karen Malkin Health Consulting to talk about the best ways to create healthy lifestyle habits.
March 31, 2022
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Medicine & Humanity: A Profile of Dr Julie Gerbeding

In this episode we meet internationally renowned infectious disease specialist, Dr Julie Gerbeding, and profile her life from young HIV doc in San Francisco, to the head of the CDC, and onto the pharmaceutical company Merck, where she most recently Chief Patient Officer. Another new chapter of her life begins as she was recently announced as the new CEO of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.  This episode was made in partnership with the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, a network of academic institutions, nonprofits, and innovative tech, biotech and pharmaceutical companies -- all committed to advancing global health equity and #innovation. You can find this episode and past episodes of A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley on this (and other) podcast platforms. Please subscribe and give us 5 stars! For more information: #BayAreaGlobalHealth #ShotArmPodcast #Merck #NIH #CDC #FNIH #HIV #COVID-19 #HPV #therapeutics #Vaccines #Vaccinequity #Vaccineconfidence #pandemicspreparation #publicprivatepartnerships #Healthcareworkers #healthcareforthehomeless #accesstomedicines
March 30, 2022
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NEJM This Week — March 31, 2022

Featuring articles on Covid-19 after vaccination and previous infection, vaccination after recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection, mini-slings for stress incontinence in women, higher-dose primaquine for P. vivax malaria, and on how medicine is not gender-neutral; a review article on decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism; a case report of a man with marked ventricular wall thickening; and Perspective articles on restrictive state abortion bans, on when patients go to court for unproven treatments, and on epidemiology and the Faroe Islands. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 13.
March 30, 2022
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NEJM This Week — March 24, 2022

Featuring articles on a single-dose liposomal amphotericin B treatment for cryptococcal meningitis, hydrocortisone to prevent bronchopulmonary dysplasia, darolutamide in metastatic prostate cancer, trastuzumab deruxtecan for HER2-positive breast cancer, addressing vaccine inequity, and targeting gene therapy to muscle; a review article on managing glycemia in children with type 1 diabetes; a case report of a woman with fever, myalgias, diarrhea, and cough; and Perspective articles on digital inclusion as health care, on a new way to contain unaffordable medication costs, and on an NPO. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 12.
March 23, 2022
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How Sports Psychology Helps Athletes and Performers with Lauren Loberg, PhD

On this episode of Sports Medicine Weekly, Dr. Lauren Loberg joins Dr. Brian Cole to discuss her experiences as a UCLA student-athlete, coach, researcher, mental health counselor, and sports psychology consultant.
March 21, 2022
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11. Health Systems Resiliency in Latin America with Dr. Katherine Bliss

This podcast was nominated for "Best Health Podcast" in the Quill Podcast Awards!! Thank you to everyone who supports the show!  Listen to Dr. Katherine Bliss, Senior Fellow & Director of Immunizations and Health Systems Resilience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. We discuss Latin American healthcare systems before, during and beyond the pandemic as well as recommendations to build back better and improve system resiliency in response to COVID. Further reading:  PAHO resources:  Read "Coordinated action needed to strengthen health systems in face of future challenges, PAHO Director tells high-level Atlantic Council meeting" Watch Health Systems Resilience: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic World Health Worker Week is April 4 - 8 Music Credits: The intro and closing music was specially produced for this podcast by Madison Swann.
March 19, 2022
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NEJM This Week — March 17, 2022

We discuss the latest in medical research and ideas.
March 16, 2022
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California Healin’ – with California Health Care Foundation’s Sandra R. Hernández, MD

In California, the public sector accounts for 75% of the state’s healthcare funding - with a wide diversity of needs, priories, cultures and access to healthcare. In this episode, we meet Sandra R. Hernández, MD, President and CEO of the California Health Care Foundation to explore innovations in healthcare delivery to expand access for all, particularly low income and marginalized communities - a model for the rest of the country? A Shot In The Arm Podcast is a member of the Health Podcast Network and is a project of the Ikana Health Action Lab.  Learn more about Sandra Hernandez MD: For more information about the California Health Care Foundation: For more information visit: #SandraHernandez #CHCF #CHCFHealthPoll #healthequity #inclusion #undocumented #FQHCs #CoveredCalifornia #MediCal #CalAIM #StateHealthPolicy #HIV #mentalhealth #COVID19
March 14, 2022
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NEJM This Week — March 10, 2022

Featuring articles on shorter-course TB treatment in children, thyroidectomy without radioiodine, Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness in North Carolina, ribociclib in hormone receptor–positive breast cancer, the effects of boosters after Ad26.COV2.S vaccination, and on tumors and T cells; a review article on extracorporeal kidney-replacement therapy for acute kidney injury; a case report of a woman with depression, recurrent falls, and inability to care for herself; and Perspective articles on step therapy’s balancing act, on coverage of transvenous pulmonary embolectomy, and on the catfish king. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 10.
March 9, 2022
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The Best Treatments For Patellar Tendonitis

Josh James, a Physical Therapist from RUSH PT joins Dr. Cole to discuss the best ways to manage patellar tendonitis, commonly referred to as jumper's knee.
March 7, 2022
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NEJM This Week — March 3, 2022

Featuring articles on a balanced multielectrolyte solution versus saline in critically ill adults, troponin I after cardiac surgery and 30-day mortality, nirsevimab for prevention of RSV in infants, a final analysis of single-dose Ad26.COV2.S, and melioidosis and aromatherapy; a review article on chronic pancreatitis; a Clinical Problem-Solving on craving answers; and Perspective articles on U.S. public health law, on oral health for all, and on holding the baby. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 9.
March 2, 2022
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10. Urban Farming & Cultivating a Food Secure Post-Pandemic Future with Laurell Sims

Listen to Laurell Sims, co-founder of Urban Growers collective, discuss how COVID-19 food insecurity has impacted  Black and Brown communities on the South and West Sides of Chicago, and how the Urban Growers Collective has tackled this issue with emergency food relief programming. We close the show by discussing how local food cultivation is effective for people and planet in improving food access and well-being. Check out the Urban Growers Collective website! Donate to the Urban Growers Collective here. Further reading: Forbes article “How Nonprofits And Local Farmers Can Lead The Fight Against Hunger Post-Pandemic” (USA focus) Brookings report “Beyond ‘food deserts’: America needs a new approach to mapping food insecurity” (USA focus) Read World Bank brief “Food Security and COVID-19” (Global focus) Music Credits: The intro and closing music was specially produced for this podcast by Madison Swann.
February 27, 2022
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NEJM This Week — February 24, 2022

Featuring articles on the effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine in adolescents, the treatment of epileptiform activity after cardiac arrest, mechanisms of resistance to noncovalent BTK inhibitors, Covid-19 vaccination and delta transmission, mortality from congenital Zika syndrome in Brazil, and wound healing and stem cells; a review article on reassessing human adipose tissue; a case report of a man with fatigue, weight loss, and hyperglycemia; and Perspective articles on state restrictions on mifepristone access, on abortion training in medical education, and on stabilizing health care’s share of the GDP. Supplement to the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 386, No. 8.
February 23, 2022
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Intermittent Fasting: Fad or Fact?

Dr. Cole breaks down the science behind Intermittent Fasting (IF), discussing the potential benefits and side effects, and looking at the different types of IF plans.
February 22, 2022
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