Episode 3 –  Women Are The Cure

A Shot in the Arm Podcast with Ben Plumley

Episode 3 – Women Are The Cure

April 22, 2019

Episode 3 – Women Are The Cure

We meet Yvette Raphael, the internationally acclaimed South African HIV, Women’s Rights and science activist. She tells her own story of HIV, and how she and a group of women have radically changed the response to HIV prevention and treatment in the country with the highest rates of HIV in the world. She also talks about her fight for women’s empowerment and survival. We also cast our eye across the research in biotechnology and research that is making the news this week.

References You May Find Useful:



International Partnerships for Microbcides

The People Vs Patriarchy

If you are concerned, or want to learn more about HIV testing, prevention and treatment:

and of course…

Pet Shop Boys

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