Conversations in Global Health: Jeff Sturchio (S03 Ep05)

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Conversations in Global Health: Jeff Sturchio (S03 Ep05)

June 30, 2020

Conversations in Global Health: Jeff Sturchio (S03 Ep05)

What can Jeff Sturchio teach us from a career of over 25 years at the front of global access to medicines? Has that experience been leading up to this one historic moment as the world grapples with COVID-19?

In this week’s episode, Ben talks with Jeff Sturchio, CEO of Rabin Martin, a global health strategy firm, to get his wisdom from everything from the role of the World Health Organization (WHO), the failure of the US public health system, and his obsession with books.

This episode was made in partnership with the Bay Area Global Health Alliance and is now available to download on all the major podcast platforms. The video version can be viewed on Facebook or YouTube.

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