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Welcome to Smart From The Start, where we discuss the revolutionary potential of AI and Ambient Intelligence in healthcare.

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Episode #31. Redefining Healthcare IT Leadership in a Digital Age, with Russell Branzell, CEO and President of CHIME

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping healthcare, how do today's IT leaders navigate the challenges and opportunities of their evolving roles? In this episode, Russell Branzell discusses the evolution of healthcare IT leadership, emphasizing the shift from traditional CIO roles to broader digital health positions, the impact of digital technologies, and the trend of executives moving to corporate roles. He also highlights hospital consolidations, the ambition of younger leaders, the transformative potential of AI, and the importance of relationships and technology in improving global healthcare systems. Tune in and discover how ambitious healthcare IT leaders are redefining their careers in an industry that’s more dynamic than ever!
June 13, 2024

Episode #30. Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency: Are We There Yet?, with Thomas Bentley, the Chief Information and Digital Transformation Officer of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Imagine a world where AI helps reduce mundane tasks for clinicians, giving them more time with patients and potentially improving their work-life balance.  In this episode, Thomas Bentley explores how Wexner Medical Center is leveraging AI and ambient technologies to streamline workflows, alleviate clinician burnout, and improve patient care. He shares his insights on integrating new technologies seamlessly with existing systems and offers practical advice for CIOs looking to implement innovative solutions in their organizations. This conversation is packed with valuable perspectives on the future of healthcare technology, so sit back and enjoy!
May 28, 2024

Episode #29. Balancing High-Tech with High-Touch: The Future of Pediatric Care, with Bernie Rice, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President at Nemours Children’s Health

Pediatrics presents unique challenges that require tailored technological solutions, not just scale-downs of adult applications. In this episode, Bernie Rice emphasizes the need for technology that accommodates pediatric patients' diverse age ranges and behaviors, from neonates to young adults. He highlights the importance of discerning technology partners that align with healthcare visions, not just those offering the most advanced solutions. These collaborations are crucial for implementing technologies that solve pertinent issues rather than adding complexity.  Tune in and uncover how these technologies are tailored to meet the specific needs of pediatric care and discuss the future possibilities in this vital healthcare sector.
May 14, 2024

Episode #28. Harnessing Technology for Patient Safety: Insights from Leapfrog, with Ralph Johnson, Vice President of Informatics and Technology at the Leapfrog Group

The evolving landscape demands proactive involvement to leverage AI's potential benefits while effectively mitigating associated risks. In this episode, Ralph Johnson delves into the burgeoning realm of AI in healthcare and its implications for public policy and patient care and highlights the importance of addressing biases in AI models to ensure equitable healthcare delivery, especially in areas like maternity care, where disparities exist.  Tune in and learn how AI revolutionizes healthcare while prioritizing patient safety and quality improvement!
April 30, 2024

Episode #27. A Revolutionary Framework for Smart Care Technology, with Steve Lieber, an Independent Consultant

Getting involved allows individuals to shape the future of healthcare and contribute to developing smart care facilities. In this episode, Steve Lieber discusses the development of the Smart Hospital Maturity Model, aiming to streamline the adoption of smart care technologies in healthcare facilities. Drawing on his past involvement in creating the EMR Adoption Model, Steve stresses the need for a structured approach to measuring smart technology adoption, highlighting key dimensions and stakeholders involved in shaping the model's framework. Tune in and learn how you can contribute to the advancement of smart care facilities today!
April 25, 2024

Episode #27. A Revolutionary Framework for Smart Care Technology, with Steve Lieber, an Independent Consultant

Getting involved allows individuals to shape the future of healthcare and contribute to developing smart care facilities. In this episode, Steve Lieber discusses the development of the Smart Hospital Maturity Model, aiming to streamline the adoption of smart care technologies in healthcare facilities. Drawing on his past involvement in creating the EMR Adoption Model, Steve stresses the need for a structured approach to measuring smart technology adoption, highlighting key dimensions and stakeholders involved in shaping the model's framework. Tune in and learn how you can contribute to the advancement of smart care facilities today!
April 24, 2024

Episode #26. Feet on the Ground, Head in the Clouds: Designing Digital Health with Real-World Engagement, with Dr. Lee Schwamm, Chief Digital Health Officer and Associate Dean, Digital Strategy and Transformation at Yale New Haven Health System

Success in digital health requires user adoption and value, driving financial sustainability, and aligning with strategic objectives. In this episode, Dr. Lee Schwamm shares invaluable insights into the development and implementation of digital health strategies, offering a wealth of knowledge on modernizing healthcare through innovative technologies. He emphasizes the need for a collaborative approach and understanding the frontline perspective in implementing digital innovations.  Tune in to gain valuable insights into the future of healthcare technology and its impact on patient care.
April 16, 2024

Episode #25. The Pulse of Innovation: Live from ViVe 2024 Part 02

The healthcare industry is transitioning towards agility and faster innovation cycles to meet evolving patient needs. In this fascinating episode, Steve Lieber interviews healthcare leaders at ViVe 2024, exploring cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of healthcare. David Graham, Rebecca Stametz, and Atul Kanvinde touch on the role of technology in improving workforce satisfaction and stress the need to use AI and virtual care to improve patient outcomes. Tune in and learn how innovative technologies like AI and virtual care are revolutionizing healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and addressing workforce challenges!
April 2, 2024

Episode #24. The Pulse of Innovation: Live from ViVe 2024 Part 1

AI can potentially augment the healthcare workforce, enabling professionals to prioritize patient care and reshape healthcare. In this invaluable episode live from ViVe's conference, healthcare professionals Geri Hansen, Jackie Baker, William Kim, and Daniel Thomas share strategies for adopting AI to enhance healthcare delivery and discuss AI's transformative role in reshaping patient care! Tune in to the podcast to discover how innovative technologies are revolutionizing the future of healthcare!
March 19, 2024

Episode #23. Early Adoption and Change Management: Lessons from Tech Partnerships, with Hiten Patel, Head of Product Management for Penn Medicine

Revenue trends in healthcare aren't keeping up with rising costs, prompting a need for creative solutions. In this episode, Hiten Patel, Head of Product Management for Penn Medicine, sheds light on the challenges healthcare providers face, including stagnant revenue growth and rising costs. He emphasizes the need for creative solutions, such as pursuing partnerships and diversifying revenue streams amid industry shifts and mergers. Hiten delves into the importance of strategic evaluation when adopting new technologies like AI and machine learning, urging organizations to focus on broader solutions rather than point solutions to ensure scalability and efficiency.  Tune in and learn how healthcare organizations can navigate technological advancements while prioritizing operational transformation to thrive in an ever-changing landscape!
March 5, 2024

Episode #22. Future-Ready Healthcare: Navigating Agility & Long-Term Planning, with Dr. Lacy Knight, Chief Health Information Officer at Piedmont Healthcare

Embrace AI and automation, or risk being left behind in healthcare's rapidly evolving landscape. In this episode, Dr. Lacy Knight, Chief Health Information Officer at Piedmont Healthcare, discusses transformative technologies in healthcare. Dr. Knight reflects on the rapid evolution of AI and machine learning in the past year, emphasizing the urgency for healthcare systems to adopt these tools or risk falling behind. Lacy highlights the balance between point solutions and platform approaches in selecting technology, focusing on addressing immediate needs while planning long-term integration.  Tune in and learn how healthcare organizations navigate the digital transformation landscape to improve patient care and operational efficiency!
February 20, 2024

Episode #21. ViVE and CHIME: Where Executives, Startups, and Healthcare Giants Converge, with Rich Scarfo, President at HLTH

ViVE owes its success to a strategic partnership between HLTH and CHIME and its unique focus on serving the business needs of senior healthcare executives! In this episode, Rich Scarfo talks about the philosophy behind organizing healthcare events like HLTH and ViVE, emphasizing the importance of uniting senior executives, creating experiential value, and ensuring participants a solid return on investment. Rich details key networking initiatives, the diverse speaker lineup, and ViVE's role as a startup platform and mentions upcoming events like HLTH Europe, the foundational HLTH event in Las Vegas, and the upcoming ViVE event in Los Angeles. Tune in to unravel the intricacies behind ViVE and its impact on the industry!
February 6, 2024

Data: The Reign of Kings in Healthcare

Data plays a crucial role in the quest for better, safer healthcare, and organizing it effectively is vital to achieving specific healthcare outcomes. In this episode, Scott MacLean, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at MedStar Health, delves into the buzz around generative AI, its real-world applications in healthcare, like EHR inbox management, and the challenges associated with bias and reliability. Scott emphasizes the importance of data in healthcare discussions, pointing out its role in achieving better, safer, and more specific healthcare solutions. The discussion touches on decision-making processes for technology adoption, preferring platforms over point solutions, and the critical role of relationships in gaining user acceptance.  Tune in and learn how healthcare evolves through innovative technologies and thoughtful strategies, and how you can make healthcare smarter and more efficient!
January 24, 2024

Achieving Digital Innovation at Scale: a Value-Based Care Driven Health System’s Journey

The adoption of smart technologies should prioritize seamlessness and ease for clinicians, allowing them to focus on patient care rather than technology. In this episode, Dr. Ashis Barad, Chief Digital Officer and Information Officer at Allegheny Health Network delves into the significant impact of risk contracts on technology adoption, emphasizing the diverse approaches needed in different healthcare markets. He outlines the complexities of managing an extensive health system with various demographics, illustrating the necessity for tailored solutions. Ashis emphasizes the importance of partnerships with technology companies, viewing them as collaborators rather than mere vendors, and encourages healthcare leaders to prioritize scalability over the traditional pilot-first approach.  Tune in and learn how innovation, scalability, and data collaboration can drive healthcare into the future!
January 9, 2024

The Shiny Object Syndrome: Clarifying the Focus in Technology Adoption

Before adopting new technology, identify the specific problem you're solving.  In this episode, Dr. Rob Bart explores the current landscape of digital health and artificial intelligence in healthcare. Dr. Bart shares valuable insights into the multidimensional analysis required for adopting new technologies, emphasizing the importance of solving specific problems and achieving a clear return on investment. Specifically, Dr. Bart highlights the role of ambient voice technology in revolutionizing clinical documentation, providing clinicians with increased efficiency and improved patient care. Finally, Rob leaves the audience with practical advice—embrace a strategic approach by identifying problems, understanding workflows, selecting the right platforms, and measuring performance.  Tune in and learn how healthcare organizations can navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, making healthcare smarter and more patient-centric.
January 2, 2024

Holiday Special. Innovate for Impact: Why The Best IT Project is not an IT Project

Join us with this unique crossover event featuring Molly McCarthy, Microsoft's former Chief Nursing Officer, and her podcast, The Smart Care Team Spotlight, presented by In this special crossover special, Molly McCarthy engages in a captivating conversation with Judy Murphy, clinical informatics pioneer and former CNO of IBM Healthcare. Explore the highs and lows of AI implementation in healthcare as Judy delves into the hype around ChatGPT AI. Discover valuable insights on data curation, trust establishment, and the ongoing need for monitoring, validation, and clinician feedback. Tune in to navigate the dynamic intersection of AI and healthcare for meaningful patient care and outcome improvements. Don't miss this special episode featuring Judy Murphy on the Smart Care Team Spotlight.
December 26, 2023

AI in Healthcare: Bridging the Gap between Hype and Reality

Embark on an inspiring healthcare journey led by Ed Marx, CEO at Marx Advisory, as he unveils the transformative leaders shaping the industry. Immerse yourself in human-centered design, patient-centric approaches, and the disruptive force of AI. Explore the crucial elements of smart clinician integration and calculated risks as this episode carefully navigates the delicate balance between the art and science of medicine. Discover how technology becomes a beacon of confidence for clinicians and patients alike. Don't miss the opportunity to tune in and uncover the mission-driven heartbeat of healthcare. Join us as we advocate for saving lives, enhancing care, and embracing fearless leadership and innovation in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
December 19, 2023

Holiday Special! Sifting Through The Noise: The Key Skill For Nurse Executives

Join us in an engaging conversation as we delve into the transformative impact of innovation and smart hospital practices on the healthcare landscape! This special holiday episode marks a unique crossover event with Molly McCarthy's podcast, "Smart Care Team Spotlight." We are delighted to present a captivating discussion featuring Molly's esteemed guest, Eric Wallis, Senior Vice President and System Chief Nursing Officer for Henry Ford Health System. In this episode, Eric Wallis shares his valuable insights on the current challenges within the caregiver workforce in the post-COVID era. He sheds light on the strategies and opportunities Henry Ford Health System prioritized to tackle workforce shortages effectively and address the challenges caregivers and hospitals face. Embark on this journey with us as we explore the innovative solutions and opportunities technology has brought to the forefront of healthcare.
December 12, 2023

Digital Renaissance: Rethinking IT Strategic Planning

As technology is evolving rapidly, healthcare organizations must not forget the people tech is meant to serve. In this episode, Tressa Springmann shares insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare technology and delves into the impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare, emphasizing the need for a careful balance between technological advancements and human oversight. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on outcomes rather than just technology implementation and also reflects on the increasing demand for virtual care since the COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in and learn about the crucial role of stakeholders in decision-making and the need for a patient-centered approach to adopting innovative healthcare solutions!
December 5, 2023

Disruption or Evolution? Unveiling Industry Transformations

It’s time to rethink healthcare technology and leadership paradigms to pursue transformative change in the industry. In this episode, John Glaser talks about the evolution of executive education in healthcare, highlighting the change of focus from electronic health records to topics like AI and digital transformation. He discusses the challenges of technology adoption in healthcare, emphasizing a continuous, incremental approach to digital transformation, advising CIOs on balancing loyalty and innovation, and highlighting the crucial role of healthcare leaders in shaping the industry through strategic leadership and effective technology adoption. Tune in for a conversation that delves into the heart of healthcare innovation, featuring John Glaser's wisdom on leadership, technology, and the future of patient care!
November 28, 2023

Special Episode LIVE from the floor of Becker’s: Insights and Predictions from Top Health System Leaders

Privacy regulations must catch up with digital tools to avoid hindering innovation in healthcare. In this episode, host Steve Lieber interviews health system leaders at the Becker's Health IT Conference, exploring transformative technologies modernizing healthcare. -Gurmeet Sranen envisions smart hospitals leveraging technology to enhance patient care. -Bryan Sisk discusses the challenge of balancing innovation with practical value for nurses and patients.  -Reed Smith focuses on the potential of AI in addressing workforce challenges. -Nick Patel emphasizes the need for AI to drive insights and automation in healthcare, particularly in managing chronic conditions. -Bill Feaster calls for intelligent use of AI tools like generative AI to enhance predictive analytics.  -Arz Raheem proposes ambient technology as a solution to physician burnout. Tune in and discover the transformative possibilities shaping the era of smart hospitals!
November 21, 2023

Reimagining Healthcare with User-Centered Design and Agile Methods

Privacy regulations must catch up with digital tools to avoid hindering innovation in healthcare. In this exciting episode, Dr. Thomas Maddox discusses the vital role of academic medical centers in leading the way for new healthcare methods through innovation labs. The conversation delves into the impact of doctors who grew up with digital technology and the importance of integrating tech into their practice. Thomas emphasizes aligning innovation with changing reimbursement frameworks and calls for policy collaboration to address privacy concerns.  Tune in to learn how adopting a product model from Big Tech is speeding up positive changes in patient care!
November 14, 2023

AI and Virtual Nursing: Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow

AI tools and virtual nursing are transformative in addressing pressing challenges within the healthcare sector. In this episode, Karen Murphy discusses healthcare innovation and digital transformation initiatives at Geisinger's Steele Institute for Healthcare Innovation. She highlights the vital role of integrated AI tools and the Intelligent Automation Hub in healthcare, emphasizing the importance of their seamless implementation and extension to underserved areas with increased investment. Tune in to learn about the pivotal role of AI adoption and virtual nursing in delivering efficient and quality healthcare services!
November 7, 2023

Building, Buying, and Partnering: Lifepoint’s Innovation Strategy

Striking a balance between technological advancement and financial prudence will help with the demands of innovation and operational excellence in healthcare. In this episode, Alan Smith discusses the challenges and strategies of integrating and standardizing EHR platforms within Lifepoint Health's diverse healthcare environment. He emphasizes the need to balance innovation and financial constraints, advocating for platform-based solutions and highlighting Lifepoint Forward's role in fostering technological progress in healthcare. Tune in and join a conversation that uncovers the strategic intricacies of managing disparate EHR platforms and fostering a culture of continuous innovation!
November 1, 2023

Building Differentiated Experiences: Leaning into Innovation

Digital innovation has become a critical driver for leading healthcare organizations. In this episode, Sara Vaezy discusses the importance of creating a cohesive ecosystem that prioritizes seamless integration for a streamlined healthcare experience. In this conversation, she emphasizes balancing digital solutions and creating a seamless healthcare experience at Providence. Tune in for strategies to strike the perfect balance between innovation and practicality in the ever-changing healthcare industry!
October 25, 2023

Tech, Trust, and Transformation: Decoding Healthcare’s Future

There is a profound transformation process happening in healthcare as clinicians evolve their views on technology. In this episode, Tarun Kapoor talks about the evolution of physician attitudes and responses to technological advancements in healthcare. He delves into clinician skepticism, the disparity between technological promise and real-world implementation, the significance of automation, and the crucial role of execution and adaptability in healthcare's evolving landscape. Tune in and listen to an insightful conversation on clinicians' changing views on healthcare technology, from skepticism to adaptation.
October 18, 2023

Drive with Confidence: Overcoming Burnout and Staff Turnover with Tech-enabled Workflows

A pioneering spirit has paved the way for more efficient and effective healthcare systems benefiting providers and patients. In this episode, Neal Patel shares insights he’s earned from his extensive experience in health IT and clinical informatics. He discusses his journey in healthcare, from enhancing system usability for clinicians to his role in critical care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, emphasizing the importance of technology, AI, and efficient workflows in addressing healthcare challenges. Tune in for valuable insights into the evolution of healthcare technology and the challenges and opportunities it presents!
October 11, 2023

Breaking Paradigms to Reimagine Care Models

Healthcare innovation is not exclusive to devices or medication; it can also improve management. In this episode, Stephen J. Motew talks about talks about healthcare management and innovation within the healthcare industry. He discusses the prioritization of healthcare initiatives, the commitment to clinical excellence, and the crucial role of mindset change management and a culture of innovation in driving effective transformation in healthcare. Tune in to learn how Inova is prioritizing innovative changes in management to improve patient care! 
October 4, 2023

The Predictable Jerk: Anticipating Resistance to Change

How are smart hospitals leading the charge in healthcare innovation? In this episode, Roberta Schwartz explores the concept of smart hospitals and her vision for healthcare innovation. She highlights Houston Methodist Hospital's unique approach, collaborating with external innovators and emphasizing the importance of involving operational teams to drive patient-centric healthcare innovation. Join the conversation and learn how innovation and smart hospitals are reshaping healthcare!
September 28, 2023

Technology for Caregiving Teams: Capitalizing on the Tipping Point of Tech in Healthcare

Healthcare technology is playing a critical role in overcoming workforce challenges. In this episode, Marty Bonick talks about the vital role of technology and innovation in addressing critical challenges and opportunities within the healthcare industry. Tune in and learn about the pivotal role of technology in reshaping healthcare and meeting evolving patient and provider needs!
September 26, 2023

Healthcare as Part of the Rhythm of Life: How AI and people work together to transform

On the latest episode of Smart From The Start, Steve Lieber interviews Craig Richardville, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Intermountain Health. In this episode, they discuss the importance of people, process, and keeping things simple. Craig highlights the importance of making a simpler environment for caregivers, patients, and consumers. He advises health system leaders to create a strong business case when advancing initiatives while being an asset to the community.
September 21, 2023

Beginning of the Payback: Regaining the hearts and minds of our clinicans

AI holds the promising key that will unlock EHRs to their full potential. In this inaugural episode of Smart From the Start, Steve Lieber interviews Dr. John Halmka, President of the Mayo Clinic Platform. They discuss the digitization of the healthcare industry, meaningful applications for AI in healthcare, smart hospitals, and ways to thrive as a health system in today’s fast-paced environment.   Listen to this episode and learn more about the impact of AI integration in healthcare!
September 19, 2023

Introducing Smart From The Start: A New Podcast to Empower Smarter Healthcare

Let’s empower caregivers to become smart care teams through this podcast show! Welcome to the Smart From The Start podcast, powered by This show was created to support a community of several healthcare executives and their teams to lead the transition from traditional hospitals to smart care facilities. By the hand of industry experts, this show will also shed light on workflows whose integration wasn’t possible before and current technology applications. 
September 6, 2023

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Steve Lieber

Steve Lieber

A seasoned healthcare management executive, Steve Lieber has 40 years of experience in healthcare, primarily in healthcare association management.

Currently, Steve works as an independent consultant with a focus on organizational and governance development, business strategy and digital media for associations and early-stage companies. Notable clients have included the, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and Next Wave Connect.
For nearly 18 years, Lieber served as President and CEO of HIMSS, the largest association focused on healthcare information technology (HIT). Lieber not only served on the Board of Directors of HIMSS and its related corporations, but he also served on numerous other corporate, non-profit and coalition boards and groups. He is one of the founders of the Certification Commission for HIT and the Health Information Technology Standards Panel, two U.S. federally funded initiatives at the foundation of the U.S. interoperability effort.

As a nationally recognized commentator on health policy in general and specifically healthcare IT trends and issues, Lieber is a regular speaker and contributor to corporate strategic planning efforts, government-sponsored policy efforts, private sector initiatives and other non-profit organizations. Lieber was consistently recognized as one of the Top 100 most influential people in US healthcare during his time as HIMSS CEO.

In his strategic leadership role at HIMSS, Lieber established the Society as a global leader on issues such as electronic health records, interoperability, technology standards, IT adoption, and certification. He also brought significant growth to HIMSS by a factor of 10 in terms of audience reach and annual revenues through a series of mergers and acquisitions of both for profit and not for profit organizations as well as through organic growth. Highlights of this growth included the formation of HIMSS Analytics, a market intelligence company, and HIMSS Media, a diversified B2B information company.

Lieber previously served as Executive Director of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) for nearly nine years and as Vice President, Personal Membership Groups, at the American Hospital Association.

Lieber holds an MA from the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago and a BA in Psychology from the University of Arkansas. Steve has been awarded honorary life memberships at HIMSS, the American Hospital Association and the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management.