October 18, 2023

New Research Finds Podcasters are the Most Trusted Media Personalities Among US Consumers

You read that headline correctly!

In an era where trust in traditional media has hit an all-time low, here’s some heartening news for the podcasting community: Podcasters have emerged as the most trusted media personalities among US consumers!

A recent study by Acast, an independent podcast company (they say they are the ‘world’s largest’…however they measure that…), found that 64% of podcast listeners actively seek out podcasters, making their content the most engaging and intentional of all media personalities.

Notably, podcasters have gained this trust when national news organizations face skepticism and misinformation. Here’s a link to a Fortune article that references a survey by Gallup and the Knight Foundation.

These findings underscore the unique power of podcasting in building trust.

For brands and organizations that support or participate in podcasts, it’s a ripe opportunity: 75% of podcast listeners actively consider product endorsements from podcasters. Furthermore, 73% of those who acted on a podcast endorsement were satisfied with the product or brand.

So, whether you’re a listener, podcaster, advertiser or brand, remember that in this age of information, podcasting stands tall as a beacon of trustworthiness. Read more about this research here.


Trust Leads to Intentional Focused Time
Trust Leads to Intentional Focused Time


Consumers act on their trust in podcasts
Consumers act on their trust in podcasts

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