April 9, 2024

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month

April marks Autism Awareness Month, a time to honor the diverse experiences of individuals on the autism spectrum. It is through personal stories and discussions that we gain insight into the complexities and learn to appreciate differences.

Here are some episodes from our shows on Health Podcast Network that we recommend checking out: 


Jackie Kancir, a remarkable SYNGAP1 Mom and Advocacy Leader for SRF, opens up about her journey with daughter, Jadyne from navigating education systems to embracing optimism, Above all, this episode highlights the importance of listening to behavior as communication, which is key in understanding autism. 


Dennis Wall is the Founder of Cognoa, a pediatric behavioral health company dedicated to developing digital diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for children with behavioral health conditions, starting with autism. This episode explores the patient experience for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis and therapeutics, the interplay between diagnosis and treatment in a digital therapeutic context, evidence generation efforts, and the collaborative care model with pediatricians and doctors for distribution. Listen to uncover innovative strides in autism awareness and support. 


Learn how technology is revolutionizing autism caregiving with Jim Tafur from Astrid360. In this episode they explore the challenges of caregiving for individuals with autism and the potential of measurement-based care to enhance health and wellness.


Patient advocate, Irene Tanzman and NCSA President, Jill Escher shed light on the necessity of splitting the autism spectrum. With insightful perspectives, they emphasize the challenges faced by the severe autism population post-DSM-5. Together they unravel the complexities and advocate for clearer distinctions within the spectrum.

By tuning in and sharing episodes, you are spreading awareness, initiating conversations, and creating a more supportive world for individuals with autism and their loved ones.

Happy Autism Awareness Month!

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