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Why should you include podcasts in your marketing mix?

Podcasts are the most popular format of all audio types, and this relatively-new medium is experiencing explosive growth.

Attract attention

From the nurses to doctors, developers to medical students, business executives to scientists, people are seeking insightful, educational and engaging audio content like never before.
Tune into health podcasts

Reach people where they spend their time

Emails, videos, social media - they all require visual attention to consume the information.

As audiences reduce their screen time and increase activity, there is less time to access traditional digital communications.

Connect where people live, work and play

Audio content is streamed (or downloaded) and played on a mobile device or in-home assistant, allowing listeners to hear key messages that are relevant to them while they are also doing other things.
average-circles 64%


“Nearly two-thirds (64%) of fans are more willing to consider purchasing products and services they learn about during a podcast.”*
* Source: 2020 Edison Research

‘‘Average number of podcasts
listened to each week.’’

average-circles 7

The numbers are clear: Podcast consumption is on the rise

  • Advertise on podcasts to reach new audiences
    55% of Americans that have ever listened to a Podcast * (Estimated 144 million)
  • Advertise on podcasts to reach new audiences
    37% of Americans listening to a podcast in the last month* (Estimated 90 million)

Podcasts build trust

Social media removed the barriers that prevented brands from directly reaching their audiences, but images, text and promo videos do little to create a trusted relationship.

People consume audio content that they are interested in, and they tune in when they are doing other things. Over time, they form a connection with the people and messages they hear.

This creates the opportunity to leverage a ‘brand voice’ that is integrated into the content that resonates with them.

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