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What 2 Know

The “What 2 Know” podcast explores best practices, innovation and latest trends with industry experts with an eye toward helping you stay ahead in digital marketing and communications.

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Investing in Women: Jesse Draper, Founder & General Partner, Halogen Ventures

Welcome back, Jesse Draper, Founder & General Partner of Halogen Ventures! Jesse joins the show to discuss her recent, viral Medium article, plus she shares the importance of investing in women and unpacks why this is an opportunity, not a charity.
October 22, 2020

Changing Society by Playing Fair: Eve Rodsky, New York Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Eve Rodsky, NYT Best-Selling Author and Keynote Speaker, shares how changing society for the better starts in our homes. Learn practical ways that couples can play fair and create equity for one another, plus she shares her one wish for the world.
October 15, 2020

Bridging the Gap Between Hollywood and Healthcare: Matt Lalin & Jared Weiss, Founders and Managing Partners of starpower

Earlier this week we announced starpower is a part of the W2O team! W2O Global President, Jennifer Gottlieb, chats with starpower Founders and Managing Partners, Matt Lalin and Jared Weiss, to discuss why we made our long-standing partnership official, the power of influencer marketing, and how we will continue to be first at what's next in healthcare.
October 8, 2020

Empowering Health Systems with Technology: Hemant Tenaja, Founder of Commure, Managing Director of General Cataylst & Author

Hemant Tenaja, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Author joins the show to discuss the importance of health assurance, shares why tech shouldn't disrupt health, and reminisces over Bob Marley.
October 1, 2020

Using Ideas Beyond Medicine to Impact Cancer: Daniella Koren, 2019 Innovation Prize Winner of the C3 Prize and CEO of Arches Technology

Daniella Koren, CEO and founder of Arches Technology, joins the show to share her experience as a past winner of the Astellas Oncology’s C3 Prize, her expertise as an entrepreneur, and how others can apply for the C3 Prize before the application window closes on September 28, 2020.
September 24, 2020

Creating Agile Drug Development for Pandemics: Gareth Griffiths, Director of UKCRC registered Southampton Clinical Trials Unit and Professor of Clinical Trials at University of Southampton & Saye Kho, Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at University

Redesigning conventional drug development to function efficiently during COVID-19 and other pandemics is essential. Professor Gareth Griffiths and Professor Saye Khoo explain how their platform, AGILE, is designed to do this necessary work.
September 18, 2020

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About What 2 Know Podcast

Our "What 2 Know" podcast explores best practices, innovation and latest trends with industry experts with an eye toward helping you, the listener, stay ahead in digital marketing and communications. Popular Guests include: celebrity chef, Tyler Florence, former CEO of Citi Ventures, Debby Hopkins and Grammy nominated rapper/entrepreneur, Ryan Leslie. Topics include: leadership, audience architecture and engagement, entrepreneurship, content marketing and business development.
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Aaron Strout

Aaron Strout

Aaron is the CMO of W2O, an analytics-driven, marketing and communications firm focused on the healthcare industry. He is a seasoned, strategic marketer who grew up in digital. During his 25+ years in the industry, he has been a pioneer in mobile and location-based marketing. Throughout his career, he has focused on client success, building high-performance teams and profitable revenue growth. Prior to joining W2O, Aaron spent time as the CMO of Powered Inc. (now part of Sprinklr), VP of social media at online community provider, Mzinga, and as director of digital marketing at Fidelity Investments. Aaron is the co-author of Location Based Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) and current host of the award-winning What2Know podcast (iTunes) which features industry leaders talking about innovation and best practices.

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