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014: European healthtech journalism with Mimi Billing 💊🗞📲🦠

This week’s guest is Mimi Billing, a Swedish healthtech journalist, covering pan-European Healthtech for Sifted, a Financial Times backed media outlet. We discuss the state of European healthtech, how it differs across the Nordics, Germany and the UK and the important role that journalists play in the healthtech ecosystem. We also touch on cultural differences across Europe, how that plays into go to market strategies and what healthtech founders should think about before pitching their startup to a journalist. Get in touch with Mimi: Get in touch with Fiona: Get in touch with Crista Galli Ventures:
April 14, 2021

013: Hiring in global medical AI with Emil Larsson. 🌎🤖👨🏻‍⚕‍👩🏽‍⚕‍

This week’s guest is Emil Larsson, a global executive search specialist in the medical imaging space. Emil regularly places talent into many post series A startups and as I’ve got to know him, I’ve always been struck by how much insider knowledge he has of the whole medical imaging space. As global medical imaging AI landscapes develops and startups become scaleups, specialist recruiters are a key part of this bustling ecosystem. CM Medical and other specialist recruiters are moving beyond ‘just’ hiring and now provide a whole suite of market intelligence and market insights to their clients. Emil and I touch upon startup culture, how to get senior hires from big corporates, personality tests for potential hires, the skills that healthtech startups are looking for and how diversity of skills is just as important as gender-based diversity in the startup world. Get in touch with Emil: Get in touch with Fiona: Get in touch with Crista Galli Ventures:
March 31, 2021

012: Keleya: Building a marketplace for pregnant women and midwives in Germany 🤰🏻🇩🇪🤱🏽

This week’s guest is Victoria Engelhardt, Founder of Keleya, an app that supports pregnant women in their journey to being new parents. Keleya is the latest addition to the Crista Galli Ventures portfolio. The Keleya app has so far been downloaded over 200,000 times and Victoria has been the Apple face of Germany 2020, recently being interviewed by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Victoria touches on her career from Rocket Internet in Berlin to management consulting at Boston Consulting Group to founding Keleya. Now employing 18 people based in Germany, Keleya is building an ecosystem by not only bringing pregnant women online but also their midwives online. Victoria touches on working with health insurers, the challenges of bringing midwives online, Germany’s new DIGA digital health policy and advice for founders on resilience and hiring. Get in touch with Victoria: Get in touch with Fiona: Get in touch with Crista Galli Ventures:
March 17, 2021

011: Trans-Atlantic healthtech investing with Dr. Ben Evans, Managing Partner at InHealth Ventures. 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 💸

This week’s guest is Dr Ben Evans, Managing Partner at InHealth Ventures. InHealth Ventures is an early stage healthtech fund investing at seed and series A, both in the US and Europe. Ben discusses his career from medicine to venture capital via management consulting at McKinsey, a stint at a startup and being an operations manager in the NHS. He also touches on what makes a successful founding team, go to market strategies in healthcare and the differences in early-stage innovation between the US and UK health systems. We also discuss how small healthtech startups can survive and walk alongside the big internet giants who are increasingly moving into the healthtech space. Get in touch with Ben: Get in touch with Fiona: Get in touch with Crista Galli Ventures:
March 1, 2021

010: Radiobotics: Danish Deep Tech Radiology with Stine Mølgaard Sørensen 🇩🇰🤖

This week’s guest is Stine Mølgaard Sørensen who is cofounder and COO of Radiobotics, an award-winning deep tech radiology AI startup based in Copenhagen in Denmark. As one of the newest companies in the Crista Galli Ventures portfolio, we are excited to have Stine on the show to share all things Radiobotics.  Stine discusses her background in global digital transformation and communication, how she exited a previous startup and just how important storytelling is to a startup. She also touches on the Nordic healthtech ecosystem, how Radiobotics have been successful in raising over £2m in grant funding, their experience on the US TMC accelerator and their plans for expansion starting with their recent incorporation in the US. Get in touch with Stine: Get in touch with Fiona: Get in touch with Crista Galli Ventures:
February 16, 2021

009: Investing in Health and Happiness with Dr Neha Tanna. 👩🏽‍⚕️💸✨

Dr Neha Tanna is a VC Investment Partner at Social Starts and Joyance Partners. Neha has had a very diverse portfolio career, starting off in medicine as a GP before moving into pharmaceutical medicine and biotech investing and then onto entrepreneurship and VC via an MBA at London Business School. Neha talks about why she joined Social Starts and Joyance Partners and discusses their really interesting investment thesis on health and happiness. She also touches on her experience of Venture Capital, how she wants to shape the investment world and provides tips for doctors looking to explore career options outside medicine. Get in touch with Neha: Get in touch with Fiona: Get in touch with Crista Galli Ventures:
February 4, 2021

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The Healthtech VC

The Healthtech VC is Dr Fiona Pathiraja, Managing Partner at Crista Galli Ventures. As an active healthtech investor, she interviews a wide variety of guests on the podcast, including founders, investors and leaders in the healthtech space. Fiona believes in a future of healthcare that is enabled by technology and all the guests are actively working in healthtech. We hope this podcast will help create a community of likeminded people who are also working to build the future of healthtech.
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Dr. Fiona Pathiraja

Dr. Fiona Pathiraja

Dr. Fiona Pathiraja is a former NHS consultant radiologist turned investor. She is managing partner of Crista Galli Ventures, a healthtech fund backing outstanding founders across Europe. Fiona has an MBA and an MPH and is dual board certified in Radiology and Public Health. She has worked in public health, management consulting and at the UK Department of Health.

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