The #HCBiz Show!

The #HCBiz Show!

The podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of healthcare.

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Behavioral Economics Expert Explains How to Drive Massive Change with Minor Tweaks w/ Karen Horgan

Today we're talking with Karen Horgan, CEO at VAL Health about how behavioral economics is being used in healthcare today, and how it should be used going forward to drive positive behavior change throughout the industry.
July 10, 2020

Getting Ready to Go Back to Work and How Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Tools Can Help

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools present an additional layer of protection that could allow us to get back to work more responsibly, safely, and productively as the economy reopens.
July 1, 2020

The Novation Dynamic: 3 Pillars for Healthcare Innovation Success with Michael Ackerman

Learn how the 3 pillars of The Novation Dynamic: Innovation, Renovation, and Exnovation, work together to drive change in complex healthcare organizations.
June 24, 2020

Marketing in a Post-COVID World with Jared Johnson

The COVID-19 crisis has presented marketers quite a challenge. Customers don't want to be sold to and no one wants to spend money. In fact, traditional marketing has been paused for fear of coming off as insensitive and out of touch. But that doesn't mean you stop. No. You just do it differently. The pandemic is driving marketers back to the fundamentals of relationship building and value creation. This is how you stay relevant during the crisis, and as we reopen the economy.
June 17, 2020

Remote Work Environments: Much More than a COVID-19 Strategy w/ Jonathan Lieberman

The decisions you make right now about remote work environments should not be treated as COVID-19 crisis decisions, but as Business Continuity (BC) decisions that are critical to your company's long-term success.
June 10, 2020

Deploying Community Health Workers as a Front-line COVID-19 Solution (with a 2X ROI)

What if there was a way to have a profoundly positive impact on the lives and health outcomes of our most vulnerable patients that returned $2 for every $1 invested? And what if it could also help us address the COVID-19 crisis? A well-executed Community Health Worker (CHW) program can do just that. Jill Feldstein is Chief Operating Officer at the Penn Center for Community Health Workers at Penn Medicine, and she's here to tell us how to do it.
June 3, 2020

The #HCBiz Show!

The #HCBiz Show! is the podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of healthcare. We help innovators understand the endless list of conflicting priorities and incentives competing for their customer’s attention. Whether you’re launching a product, improving a workflow, or promoting a best practice, we’ll help you align your value proposition and message with the things healthcare leaders need right now.
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Don Lee

Don Lee

Don helps organizations launch new Health IT products and services. He’s a product and business development consultant and accomplished Health IT expert with a 20-year track record of driving value with technology.

Don began his career as a custom software developer and eventually built and led a team of more than 30 engineers. Later, he was the subject matter expert, product manager and head of sales and marketing for a digital health startup that launched a SaaS-platform focused on administrative simplification in healthcare.

Today, Don is President of Glide Health IT, LLC, a consulting firm that helps forward-looking organizations align their Health IT and business strategies. The firm specializes in business and product development with a focus on data aggregation, interop, analytics, and quality measurement.

Don is a co-founder and partner at VBP Forward, an organization that’s building a bridge between community-based organizations and the healthcare system through educational content, workshops and conferences.
Shahid Shah

Shahid Shah

Shahid N. Shah is an internationally recognized and influential healthcare IT thought leader who is known as “The Healthcare IT Guy” across the Internet. He is a technology strategy consultant to many federal agencies and winner of Federal Computer Week’s coveted “Fed 100″ award given to IT experts that have made a big impact in the government. Shahid has architected and built multiple clinical solutions over his almost 24 year career.

He helped design and deploy the American Red Cross’s electronic health record solution across thousands of sites; he’s built several web-based EMRs now in use by hundreds of physicians; he’s designed large groupware and collaboration sites in use by thousands; and, as an ex-CTO for a billion dollar division of CardinalHealth he helped design advanced clinical interfaces for medical devices and hospitals. Shahid also serves as a senior technology strategy advisor to NIH’s and TATRC’s SBIR/STTR program helping small businesses commercialize their healthcare applications.

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