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85. Max Filby of The Columbus Dispatch on Health Care Reporting During the Pandemic

Dan Skinner talks with Max Filby, health and medicine reporter at The Columbus Dispatch. Topics include recent developments with vaccination supply and demand, a recent ebola scare, and lessons learned from the pandemic, both for reporting and for public health in Ohio. Show notes at and Subscribe and support the show: Prognosis Ohio is part of the WCBE Podcast Experience and a member of the Health Podcast Network.
April 7, 2021
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84. Andrea Hoffman on Life with Cystic Fibrosis During the Pandemic and Beyond

Dan Skinner talks with Andrea Hoffman, a sophomore at Ohio Northern University who lives with cystic fibrosis. Andrea shares her reflections on the pandemic, especially insofar as her pre-pandemic life already required that she take many of the same precautions that Ohioans have had to implement to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The conversation is grounded in reflections Andrea offered in a recently-published op-ed on Show notes posted at (under the Podcast Experience tab) and Email Prognosis Ohio with your show ideas and comments at [email protected] Listen to previous episodes and support the show at
March 31, 2021
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83. Brian Alexander on The Hospital: Life, Death and Dollars in a Small American Town

Dan Skinner talks with author Brian Alexander about his new book, The Hospital: Life, Death and Dollars in a Small American Town. Topics include the state of the American health care system, with a particular focus on consolidation, inequality, and the relationship between hospitals and the economic and cultural lives of Americans, particularly in small towns and cities. Show notes at and
March 23, 2021
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82. Talking Ohio Budget and Doula Care with Children's Defense Fund

In this episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner speaks with Dr. Tracy Nájera and Kelly Vyzral from the Children’s Defense Fund of Ohio (CDF), an organization that champions policies and programs that lift children out of poverty, protect them from abuse and neglect, and ensures kids’ access to appropriate and targeted health care, quality education, and a moral and spiritual foundation. Tracy is the Executive Director of CDF Ohio and Kelly is a Senior Health Policy Associate. In their conversation with Dan, they discuss the Ohio Biennial Budget, current legislation regarding doula services in Ohio, and the potential impacts on women’s and children’s health in the state. See show notes at and
March 14, 2021
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81. Race, Equity, and Health with Kyle Strickland

Dan Skinner talks with Kyle Strickland of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Roosevelt Institute, and My Brother's Keeper Ohio. Topics include equity and racial justice in health and health care, geography and health disparity, health across the lifecourse, and the importance of understanding how where one started shapes where one often ends up in the U.S. Show notes at and Prognosis Ohio on Twitter: @prognosisohio Hosted by Dan Skinner This episode produced by Dan Skinner and Claire McGee.
March 8, 2021
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80. Learning from State Senator Tina Maharath's COVID-19 Experience

Dan Skinner talks with State Senator Tina Maharath (OH-3) about her and her family's harrowing 2020 experience with COVID-19, health disparities and the importance of cultural competency in Ohio's health care workforce, the Majority's hypocritical Statehouse policies during the pandemic, and more. Show notes at and
February 25, 2021
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79. Climate Change and Health: Ohio Clinicians for Climate Action

Dan Skinner talks with Dr. Marium Husein, Ariunaa Bayanjargal, and Anna Cifranic of Ohio Clinicians for Climate Action. OCCA is a statewide group of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who recognize the intersection of patient health and climate, and serve as credible sources for health-based environmental policy perspectives. Topics include the clinician’s role in climate justice, Ohio environmental policy, and the future of environmental health in medicine. OCCA emphasizes the need for environmental health curriculum and advocacy in clinical spaces and in medical education. Show notes and links up at and
February 15, 2021
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78. Aryeh Alex on Parks, Politics, and Life with Crohn's Disease

Dan Skinner talks with Aryeh Alex, Franklin Township Trustee, champion of Columbus, Ohio's Metro Parks, Democratic Party campaign official, and advocate for Crohn's Disease patients. Listen as Dan and Aryeh put together the pieces of Aryeh's many contributions to Central Ohio. Show notes up at and
February 5, 2021
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77. Aging, Isolation, & Community Living: Rev Beth Long-Higgins and Dan Fagan of United Church Homes

Dan talks with Rev. Beth Long-Higgins, Founding Director of the Ruth Frost Parker Center for Abundant Aging, and Dan Fagan, Director of Population Health for United Church Homes. They discuss how the Center is supporting the Ohio aging population through times of isolation, but also touch on issues of vaccination, ethics within senior community living, and more. Show notes at
January 25, 2021
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76. Introducing UnsCripted Medicine Podcast: Dan Skinner on Health Policy and Medical Education

On this "podswap" episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner is interviewed by Kevin Milligan, one of the hosts of the very informative medical education podcast, UnsCripted Medicine. Kevin talks with Dan about his work as a medical educator, why health policy is important for medical students, and how changes in medicine and health care shape what medical students need to know. Subscribe to UnsScripted where you get fine podcasts, and visit for more info.
January 18, 2021
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75. Exiting Ohio: Journalism and Health in Ohio with Paige Pfleger

Dan Skinner talks with Paige Pfleger, health and science reporter at WOSU for the past few years, but now on her way to WPLN in Nashville. Dan and Paige discuss Paige's time in Ohio, the challenges and joys of covering stories intersecting with health, and how journalists can stay connected to communities in a rapidly-shifting journalism industry. Show notes at and
January 10, 2021
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74 Happy New Year? Assessing Ohio's Non-Profits as We Leave 2020 Behind (Where it Belongs)

Dan Skinner talks with Mike Corey, Executive Director of the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County about how Ohio's non-profits have been doing through the pandemic, the consequences of the dreadful federal response to COVID19, and how you can can help support organizations doing important work in the community.
January 1, 2021
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73. Ohio's COVID-19 Response (So Far): Former Ohio Department of Health Director Rick Hodges

Rick Hodges, Executive in Residence at Ohio University and former Director of the Ohio Department of Health talks with Dan Skinner about Ohio's response to the COVID19 pandemic. Topics include differences between the current moment and Ohio's experience with ebola during Hodges' time at ODH; the frustrating politics of the current moment; and the federal response (or lack thereof) to COVID19. Show notes at and
December 6, 2020
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72. Questions about COVID-19 Vaccines: Three OSU Public Health Law Experts Weigh In

Dan Skinner talks with three legal and public health experts from Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law: Patricia Zettler, Efthimios Parasidis, and Micah Berman. Topics include how to understand safety concerns and the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization process; building trust among Americans considering getting vaccinated; plans for a just distribution of approved vaccines; and how to understand the role of market competition and international cooperation. Show notes at (Podcast Experience tab) and
November 29, 2020
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71. Testicular Cancer from Prevention to Treatment: Mike Craycraft of the Testicular Cancer Society

Dan Skinner talks with Mike Craycraft, testicular cancer survivor, clinical pharmacist, and founder of the Testicular Cancer Society about trends, research, and treatment for testicular cancer, as well as disparities and challenges in educating young people about about the disease. Show notes at, under the Podcast Experience tab. More information at
November 22, 2020
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Rob Moore Brings Us Some Data on Dentistry

Dan is joined by Rob Moore of Scioto Analysis, who adds a bit more perspective to some of the themes discussed in last week's episode (#70). In that episode, Dan talked with Dr. Sharon Parsons, DDS and Immediate Past President of the Ohio Dental Association. Links and additional information at Learn more about Rob and his work at
November 15, 2020
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Dentistry in Ohio: Dr. Sharon Parsons on Prevention, Pain, and Advocacy

Dan Skinner talks with Dr. Sharon Parsons, DDS, Immediate Past President of the Ohio Dental Association about her year as president, and her efforts to advocate for more diversity in dentistry, rethinking pain management and opioid prescription, prevention in oral health, and how the Ohio Dental Association responded to COVID-19. Show notes at and
November 9, 2020
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Managing Care: Loren Anthes on Big Changes Coming to Ohio's Medicaid Program

Dan Skinner talks with Loren Anthes of the Center for Community Solutions about the big announcement in Ohio signaling major changes to the competitiveness and approach to delivering Medicaid for Ohioans. Show notes up at (under the Podcast Experience tab), and on
October 25, 2020
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2020 Candidate Series: Rep. Kristin Boggs (House District 18)

Dan Skinner talks with Rep. and Assistant Minority Leader, Kristin Boggs, about the stakes of the 2020 election for a wide range of issues, from racial disparity in health care access to domestic violence and policing reform, in the coming months and years. While a number of health and health policy issues are on the ballot, Boggs sees gerrymandering and ensuring that Ohio's democratic processes are protected as a major priority.
October 11, 2020
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“Screw it, I'm calling Charles Gaba!”: The ACA, 2020 Election, & Ohio

Dan talks with Charles Gaba of about his recent focus on fundraising for Democratic candidates with strong healthcare platforms. Show notes are up at and (under the Podcast Experience tab). Follow Prognosis Ohio on Twitter at @prognosisohio.
October 5, 2020
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2020 Candidate Series: Rep. Allison Russo (House District 24) on 2021 Health Care Priorities in Ohio

On the latest installment of the Prognosis Ohio 2020 Candidate Series, Dan Skinner talks with Rep. Allison Russo of the 24th House District, about legislative priorities in 2021. Topics include the fate of Medicaid and the ACA's Medicaid expansion; health care costs, access, and disparities; housing and inequality; internet access, and more. Show notes up at and
September 27, 2020
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Health & Justice: Sheryl Munson for Judge in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Dan Skinner interviews veteran public defender, Sherlyn Munson, about her campaign to become a judge on the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. Themes include the intersections of health and criminal justice, judicial philosophy, and public health vs. criminal justice approaches.
September 20, 2020
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What the Data Tell Us about Suicide in Ohio: A Conversation with Orman Hall

Dan Skinner talks with Orman Hall, a distinguished expert on addiction, mental health, and suicide, about recent research he conducted in collaboration with colleagues from organizations across Ohio. Show notes at and
September 13, 2020
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Pizza and Pandemic: Mikey Sorboro of Late Night Slice and the 10 pm Curfew

Dan talks with Mikey Sorboro, owner of Late Night Slice and Oddfellows Liquor Bar about his establishments' approach to hygiene and compliance with state and local laws during the pandemic. On the episode, we are joined as well by Prognosis Ohio co-producer, Mark Frantz, who is also a Late Night Slice employee.
September 7, 2020
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2020 Candidate Series: Dr. Rachael Morocco for Ohio House (District 67)

On this installment of the Prognosis Ohio 2020 candidate series, Dan talks with Dr. Rachael Morocco, a pediatrician, health care advocate, and parent running for the Ohio House in the 67th District, which covers much of western Delaware County. Show notes at and
August 30, 2020
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2020 Candidate Series: Crystal Lett for Ohio Senate (16th District)

Dan Skinner interviews Crystal Lett, a Democrat running for the Ohio Senate in the 16th District (Western Franklin County). Topics include Lett's views on mental health and addiction, the importance of Medicaid to Ohio, advocacy for children and seniors, and much more. Show notes up at
August 23, 2020
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2020 Candidate Series: Joel Newby for Congress (OH-15)

Dan Skinner interviews Joel Newby, who is seeking to unseat incumbent, Rep. Steve Stivers in Ohio's 15th Congressional district. Topics include health care access and costs, gerrymandering, whether health care should be considered a right, and more. Show notes at under the Podcast Experience tab.
August 16, 2020
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False Positives & the Politics of COVID-19: Anne Gearan and Brittany Shammas of The Washington Post

Dan Skinner talks with Washington Post reporters Anne Gearan and Brittany Shammas about reporting they have done at the nexus of Ohio and the national response to COVID-19. Topics include Gov. DeWine's false positive test for COVID-19, efforts to push back against misinformation about COVID-19 testing and vaccines, and school reopening discussions. Show notes at under the Podcast Experience tab. and follow at @prognosisohio
August 11, 2020
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“I Just Feel So Powerless”: Tyler Buchanan on Reopening Ohio's Schools

Dan talks with Tyler Buchanan of the Ohio Capital Journal about his recent reporting on plans for - and concerns about - reopening Ohio's schools. Show notes, including links, at and
August 4, 2020
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Moore Masks, Please

In this special mid-week bonus episode, Dan talks with Ohio-based policy analyst Rob Moore (Scioto Analysis) about the evolution of thinking about masks over the past few months of the pandemic. Show notes at under the Podcast Experience tab.
July 30, 2020
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Get on Your App and Ride: How Pelotonia is Retooling During the Pandemic

Dan Skinner talks with Joe Apgar, Chief Operating Officer of Pelotonia, about how the organization is approaching their programming during the pandemic, the changing terrain of cancer research, health disparities in cancer, and more. Show notes up at under the Podcast Experience tab. This episode is dedicated to Shin Linsaka. RIP and #LiveLikeShin.
July 20, 2020
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COVID-19 in Ohio's Prisons: Chazidy Bowman and the Ohio Prisoners Justice League

Dan Skinner talks with Chazidy Bowman, Co-Founder of the Ohio Prisoner's Justice League, about the state of things in Ohio's prisons during COVID-19. Show notes and links up at, under the WCBE Podcast Experience tab. Visit to support the show.
July 13, 2020
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COVID-19's Effects on Ohio's Non-Profits: Michael Wilkos and Michael Corey

Dan Skinner talks with Michael Wilkos of United Way of Central Ohio and Michael Corey of the Human Service Chamber of Franklin County about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected Ohio's large and important non-profit sector--and how it can recover. Show notes up at, under the Podcast Experience tab.
July 6, 2020
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Pharmacy Benefit Managers: “The most important health care issue you haven't heard of”

Dan Skinner talks with Marty Schladen of the Ohio Capital Journal about his reporting on Ohio's on-going efforts to address persistent and costly problems with pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, which he calls "the most important health care issue you haven't heard of." Show notes up at, under the Podcast Experience tab.
June 29, 2020
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House Minority Leader Rep. Emilia Sykes: Why Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Dan Skinner talks with Rep. Emilia Sykes, House Minority Leader, about the Democratic push to declare racism a public health crisis in Ohio.
June 15, 2020
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Some Medicaid “Hot Takes” with Loren Anthes

Dan talks with Loren Anthes of the Center for Community Solutions' Center for Medicaid Policy about all-things-Medicaid during the current phase of Ohio's pandemic response. Topics include Medicaid and Ohio's budget, changes to federal matching percentages for Ohio's Medicaid program, telemedicine, and more than a few misunderstandings about Medicaid itself. Show notes at under the Podcast Experience tab.
June 1, 2020
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Nursing in Ohio on Nightingale's Birthday: A Conversation with Leaders at the OSU College of Nursing

Dan Skinner talks with Dean of the College of Nursing and Chief Wellness Officer at Ohio State University, Dr. Bernadette Melnyk; Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela Alston; and Director of OSU's health clinic, Dr. Candy Rinehart. Topics include nurses during COVID-19, health disparities and what nurses are doing to reduce them, burnout and mental health challenges within the nursing workforce, considerations in reopening OSU's campus for the Fall 2020 semester, and more. Show notes up at under the Podcast Experience tab. Follow Prognosis Ohio on Twitter at @prognosisohio.
May 24, 2020
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Ohio Students for Gun Legislation: What the COVID-19 Pandemic Teaches Us

Two leaders from Ohio Students for Gun Legislation, Ethan Nichols and Gillian Murray, explain why the COVID19 pandemic, including the stay at home order, reminds us of the importance and the stakes of sensible gun legislation. Topics include suicide, domestic violence, mass shootings, and student activism. Show notes up at under the Podcast Experience tab.
May 18, 2020
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Humor, Health, and Survival: Ohio Comedians Kelly Horan and Blake Hammond

In this episode Dan talks with two Cincinnati-based comedians, Kelly Horan and Blake Hammond, about mental health, masks, sobriety, and more, with reflections on how these topics present themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially while so many Ohioans are social distancing, working from home, or out of work.
May 11, 2020
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A Few Minutes Moore #1: Rob Moore on Reopening Restaurants

The first installment of a new segment we call "A Few Minutes Moore." Rob Moore of Scioto Analysis reflects on the recent Prognosis Ohio episode featuring John Barker of the Ohio Restaurant Association. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Prognosis Ohio on Twitter at @prognosisohio.
May 7, 2020
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A Safe Reopening? Talking with John Barker of the Ohio Restaurant Association

Dan Skinner talks with John Barker, President of the Ohio Restaurant Association about how the trade association, which represents the state's more than 23,000 restaurants is preparing for a safe reopening of Ohio's restaurants. Show notes and links mentioned in the show are available at under the Podcast Experience tab.
May 4, 2020
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Rep. Thomas West on Health Access, Equity, and the Politics of Reopening Ohio

Dan Skinner interviews Rep. Thomas West of the 49th Ohio House District (Canton, Massillon, and much of Stark County) about promising developments in expanding access to more Ohioans through Medicaid, especially through telehealth. The conversation also addresses the challenges Ohio faces as it attempts to reopen parts of its economy, including how to address persistent racial disparities in health outcomes and access. Show notes posted at under the Podcast Experience tab.
May 1, 2020
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Staying at Home While Aging in Place

Dan Skinner interviews Duana Patton of the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging about older Americans' needs during COVID19, staying at home and challenges with isolation, and the promise of aging in place. Show notes at under the Podcast Experience tab. Please subscribe to Prognosis Ohio and consider becoming a patron for $3/month at
April 27, 2020
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Community Health in Ohio During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dan Skinner interviews Julie DiRossi-King of the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers about what Ohio's community health centers are doing - and are prepared to do - during the COVID19 pandemic. Show notes at, under the Podcast Experience tab.
April 13, 2020
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Calm Before the Storm: Ohio's Health Care Workforce Prepares for COVID19 Peak

Ohio University health policy professor Dan Skinner talks with Dr. Sam Nobilucci, a 2nd year emergency medicine resident at Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe, Ohio. Among the topics discussed include social distancing, Ohio's stay-at-home order, preparing for the wave of coming COVID cases, and what medical students should be thinking about to prepare. Show notes up at under the "Podcast Experience" tab.
April 5, 2020
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COVID Waiting Game: A Conversation with two Ohio Medical Students

While frontline health care workers prepare for the coming surge of COVID cases here in Ohio, medical students are in something of a holding pattern. Dan Skinner talks with two 3rd year medical students - Wende Oslock from Ohio State University and David Strawhun from Ohio University - about the present moment. Topics include how they are advocating for those fighting the COVID pandemic right now, even as they reflect on how the coronavirus is shaping how they think about their future careers as physicians. Show notes at under the Podcast Experience tab.
March 30, 2020
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10 Years of the Affordable Care Act: Reflections with former Ohio Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy

Dan Skinner talks with former Ohio congresswoman (2009-2011) Mary Jo Kilroy about the legacy of the Affordable Care Act. Links and background information at
March 23, 2020
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Ohio Economic Hardships During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Host Dan Skinner talks with Rob Moore of Scioto Analysis about the economic consequences and policy decisions ahead to be made to address the COVID-19 coronavirus. Show notes up at
March 20, 2020
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Talking with Kids about COVID-19

In this short and bonus episode of Prognosis Ohio, host Dan Skinner talks with Dr. Nicole Dempster, a pediatric psychologist at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, about talking with kids about the COVID-19 coronavirus. Show notes and links posted at under the Podcast Experience section.
March 16, 2020
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An Election During an Epidemic: Two Ohio Perspectives on the Democratic Primary

In this bonus episode of Prognosis Ohio, host Dan Skinner talks with two Ohioans with strong preferences in this Tuesday's primary. Activist and former congressional candidate Rick Neal explains why he supports Vice President Joe Biden, and Akron Councilwoman Tara Samples explains why she thinks Senator Bernie Sanders' health care vision is the right one for this moment. All of this, of course, under the cloud of the growing COVID-19 pandemic here in Ohio. Show notes up at
March 13, 2020
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Screening for Dyslexia in Ohio

Host @danielrskinner discusses a bill sponsored by Ohio State Representative Brian Baldridge, which proposes to put in place more rigorous protocols for screening Ohio children for dyslexia. Also, perspectives on the health impacts of delayed/missed diagnosis for dyslexia with Pickerington teacher and student advocate Blythe Wood. Show notes up at
March 8, 2020
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Some Chemicals are Forever: Talking Water with the Ohio Environmental Council

In this episode, Dan Skinner talks with three representatives of the Ohio Environmental Council about water in Ohio. Topics include lead, "forever chemicals," and other developments on the city and state levels. Show notes available at under the WCBE "Podcast Experience" tab.
February 24, 2020
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Talking Coronavirus (and Flu!)with Franklin County Public Health

In this episode, Ohio University health policy professor Dan Skinner talks with Franklin County Public Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola and Director of Prevention and Wellness, Alex Jones. Topics include the novel coronavirus - what we know, what Ohio's public health departments are doing, and what public health wants you to know and do - but also how to balance a remote threat such as coronavirus against present threats such as influenza. Show notes are up at under the "Podcast Experience" tab. Follow Prognosis Ohio at @PrognosisOhio
February 9, 2020
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Taking On Skyrocketing Insulin Prices: A Conversation with Rep. Beth Liston and Kathryn Poe

In this episode, host Dan Skinner, Associate Professor of Health Policy at Ohio University, talks with Rep. Beth Liston, a physician and representative of Ohio's 21st House District, as well as Kathryn Poe, a health care activist, writer, and Capital University student. Topics include the importance of affordable insulin, new policy proposals to cap insulin prices and take other steps to bring awareness to the issue and support patients. See show notes on's Podcast Experience web page.
January 26, 2020
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Ohio Health Issues in Review with Dispatch Reporters Megan Henry and Sheridan Hendrix

Looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020, in this episode Dan Skinner interviews Megan Henry and Sheridan Hendrix of The Columbus Dispatch about important health-related issues, including vaping, opioid addiction, harm reduction and needle exchange, and more. Show notes up at Follow the show at @prognosisohio and email at [email protected]
January 5, 2020
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Not the Good Kind of Surprise: Miranda Motter on Surprise Health Care Bills

In this episode, @danielrskinner interviews Miranda Motter of the Ohio Association of Health Plans. The focus of the conversation is surprise billing, two legislative proposals being considered in Ohio, and the fate of private insurance if legislative fixes don't happen. Show notes up on
December 20, 2019
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Living in Denial: A Conversation with Chad Jester of the Nationwide Foundation

In this episode, @danielrskinner interviews Chad Jester, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and President of the Nationwide Foundation, about Denial, Ohio, a public service campaign sponsored by the Ohio Opioid Alliance, a group of organizations from around the state. Topics include the campaign's impact so far, plans moving forward, and the relationship between denial and risk. Show notes available at's Podcast Experience.
December 2, 2019
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Happy Birthday, Franklin County Public Health

Ohio University health policy professor Dan Skinner interviews Franklin County Health Commissioner, Joe Mazzola, about the 100th anniversary of Franklin County Public Health. Topics include public health funding, the history and coordination of health departments in Ohio, and the scope of Franklin County Public Health's work. Plus thought experiments involving magic wands, non-existent checkbooks, and crystal balls.
November 18, 2019
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Ambulances, Systems, and the State of Health Care Journalism: A Conversation with Jess Hardin

In this episode, Dan Skinner interviews Jess Hardin, formerly of the Youngstown Vindicator, now with Mahoning Matters, about her coverage of disorganized ambulance services in the Mahoning Valley. Dan also talks with Dani Carlson of the Center for Community Solutions about their Health and Human Services journalism grant program. See for show notes and links.
November 4, 2019
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Profit/Non-Profit Partnerships for Health: Focus on Two Cleveland Organizations

In this episode, Dan Skinner interviews representatives from two Cleveland-based non-profits, as well as a vice president from United Healthcare, about a new grant program providing $1.1 million to four Ohio-based non-profit organizations. Topics include the specific goals of these programs, the state of for-profit/non-profit collaborations, and how these collaborations fit into the future of health promotion in Ohio. For show notes, see
October 15, 2019
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Health Care in the Ohio 3rd: A Conversation with Morgan Harper

In this episode of Prognosis Ohio, Dan Skinner talks with lawyer and social justice activist Morgan Harper, who is running for the Democratic nomination to represent Ohio's 3rd congressional district. Topics include Medicare For All, the challenges of our current health care system, social determinants of health, economic inequality, and more. Plus, an Ohio healthcare news round-up. Visit for show notes.
September 22, 2019
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Addiction Treatment Resources with Emerald Jenny Foundation founders, Bill and Jackie Ayars

In this episode, host Dan Skinner interviews Bill and Jackie Ayars, co-founders of the Emerald Jenny Foundation (, whose website provides extensive resources for Ohioans seeking addition treatment facilities or services. Plus, a news roundup. Visit for show notes.
September 8, 2019
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Health and City Design: A Conversation with Jason Reece

In this episode, Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner) talks with OSU/Knowlton School professor of city and regional planning, Jason Reece (@JasonReece18) about the relationship between city design and health, disparity, trauma, and exciting research that's seeking to move the needle in places that have historically been left behind. Plus, a news round up. Visit for show notes.
August 24, 2019
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Talking Kidney Care with Dr. Ray Bignall

In this episode, Dan Skinner talks with Dr. Ray Bignall of Nationwide Children's Hospital about recent policy developments in kidney care on the federal level. In the news round up, Dan talks about the recent mass shooting in Dayton and the city and state's response.
August 12, 2019
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How's Dayton Doing? An Interview with Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

In this episode of Prognosis Ohio, host Dan Skinner interviews Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton. Topics include the recent tornado and recovery efforts, the opioid and broader addiction crisis, housing, food, and the role of mayors in national health care politics. Plus, a news roundup. See for show notes.
July 27, 2019
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Immigrant and Refugee Health with Sen. Tina Maharath

In this episode, host @danielrskinner interviews Ohio State Senator Tina Maharath about a range of issues, including immigrant and refugee health, trauma and sexual assault, and cultural competence in Central Ohio's health care workforce. Plus, a news round up.
July 14, 2019
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Rob Moore on Food Insecurity in Ohio

Live and noisy at the Columbus Arts Festival, Dan Skinner interviews Rob Moore of Scioto Analysis about food access and security/insecurity in Ohio. Also: an Ohio health care news round up.
June 28, 2019
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LGBTQ Health in Central Ohio – Dan Skinner interviews Julia Applegate of Equitas Health

The first Prognosis Ohio episode affiliated with WCBE's "Podcast Experience." In this episode, Dan Skinner interviews Julia Applegate, Director of the Equitas Health Institute. Plus, an Ohio healthcare news roundup.
June 16, 2019
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Tobacco Policy Expert Micah Berman on Smoking and Vaping in Ohio

Dan Skinner interviews Ohio State professor Micah Berman about new developments in smoking and vaping policy in Ohio. Plus: an Ohio health policy news roundup.
May 4, 2019
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Sarah Inskeep (Planned Parenthood)on abortion rights in Ohio

Dan Skinner interviews Sarah Inskeep, Communications and Digital Manager with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio.
March 27, 2019
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Tasleem Padamsee on Breast Cancer Risk Management and Decision-making among African American Women

Dan Skinner interviews OSU professor Dr. Tasleem Padamsee about her work, with colleagues, on understanding risk management among African American women at risk of developing breast cancer. Topics include trust building in medicine, the role of primary care in cancer care, and medical education.
February 17, 2019
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Reporter Ginger Christ on Homelessness and Healthcare in Cleveland and Akron

Dan Skinner talks with Ginger Christ, business of healthcare reporter for the Plain Dealer. Topics include homelessness and trauma.
February 7, 2019
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Dan Skinner interviews Rep. Tavia Galonski of Ohio House District 35 (Akron)

An episode released during the week in which the U.S. honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. This interview with Rep. Galonski addresses infant mortality, Governor DeWine's new home visitation commission, the intersections of labor and health care, and the potential for bipartisan cooperation in health care during the new General Assembly.
January 19, 2019
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Medicaid in Ohio – Interview with Emma Sandoe

Dan Skinner talks about Medicaid - in Ohio and elsewhere - with Medicaid expert Emma Sandoe.
January 12, 2019
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Rob Moore (Scioto Analysis) on Ohio's Economy and Health

Dan Skinner talks with Rob Moore of Scioto Analysis about his 2009-2016 report on the Ohio economy.
December 20, 2018
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Loren Anthes on Ohio Health Policy after the Midterms

Dan Skinner interviews Loren Anthes about how the 2018 midterm elections might (or might not) change the health policy landscape in Ohio.
December 11, 2018
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About Prognosis Ohio

Hosted by Columbus, Ohio local and health policy professor Dan Skinner, Prognosis Ohio is a podcast addressing all facets of health care, health policy, and health politics in the great American state of Ohio. The podcast shines a light on a wide range of health and health care issues, from changing legislative developments affecting Ohioans’ access to health care services; to stories of Ohioans interacting with our state’s healthcare system; to ongoing challenges in housing, food, transportation, and other systems that relate to health outcomes, and are often shaped by inequalities and barriers; to addiction, mental health, and challenges with meeting Ohioans’ healthcare needs. Every other week Prognosis Ohio brings listeners an in-depth interview on pressing issues.


Daniel Skinner

Daniel Skinner

Dan Skinner (Host, Co-Producer) is a political scientist and health policy researcher and educator. He is currently Associate Professor of Health Policy in the Department of Social Medicine at Ohio University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, on the Dublin, Ohio campus.

He is co-editor Not Far from Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio (Ohio State University Press, 2019), author of Medical Necessity: Health Care Access and the Politics of Decision Making (University of Minnesota Press, 2019), and has published widely in health policy and politics, medical education, and political theory. Skinner lives in Grandview Heights, Ohio, where he also serves on the city’s Board of Health. He is a fan, in equal parts, of cats, hockey, public radio, and a wide range of music, from punk to rap to brass band marches.

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