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Share Your Story: Robert Wagner

Robert Andrew Wagner is a writer, teacher, and performer, teaching through stories, telling stories through songs as frontman and chief songwriter/lyricist for The Little Wretches. Wagner is a survivor of cancer, holds a master’s degree in Instruction and Learning, and teaches and counsels at-risk teens. 02:20: The Little Wretches was the band I started when my survival was clear. 04:42: I find this little lump in my groin.  06:09: I had one positive lymph node. 08:35: We just found a lump the size of a walnut and on each of your lungs. 09:48: I did miss a few chemo sessions.  13:00: Did it have any impact on your ability to have kids?  15:00: I think the chemo affected my thinking. 18:56: It's like my life came back to me.  21:11: Were you alone in this hospital?  23:00: They kept on trying to tell him that he had AIDS.  25:14: What is the one thing you wish you had known at the very beginning of your cancer journey? 27:03: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the US, what would it  be and why?  28:15: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  31:13: Trust your doctors.  33:07: Where did the name of the band come from?  Resources Robert's band The Little WretchesThe Little Wretches on YouTubeRobert on LinkedInEmail Robert
May 17, 2022

Meet The Expert: Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer is a retired MD and ND. She has not only treated cancer patients but she has also been a caregiver for her mother-in-law and Christine has volunteered in palliative care. 01:51: Why did you decide to become a doctor?  04:31: One of my patients with end-stage melanoma died in my arms.  06:59: Can you tell us what led you to get into palliative care? 10:04: I feel like we are very much aligned because we're all going to die.  12:52: He didn't want to be resuscitated and he had that in his directive.  15:03: Many patients touched my heart. 17:04: I've seen lung cancer patients in Germany that never smoked. 20:55: Her life was filled with love and care for others.  21:11: Tell me what was your worst moment during your entire career as a physician? 22:16: What about your best moment as a physician?  23:59: He has a brain bleed.  25:46: What is one thing that you wish you had known at the beginning of your journey as a physician? 27:40: If you can only do one thing to improve health care in Canada and Germany, what would they be and why? 30:57: We do have a shortage of primary care physicians here. 32:49: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  34:25: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource you recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?  Resources Christine's websiteChristine on FacebookChristine on LinkedInEmail ChristineHealing and Cancer
May 10, 2022

Share Your Story: Jodie Lin

Jodie Lin is a 2X breast cancer survivor/thriver, wife, mother of five wonderful children, animal lover, and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, NASM certified Nutrition Coach, and Holistic Cancer Coach. Jodie is passionate about helping others balance their health and advocate for themselves. 01:13: Can you take us back to the very beginning of that first journey with breast cancer?  03:09: I don't have a family history of breast cancer. 05:13: There were lumps that I was starting to feel in my breast.  07:14: They sent my biopsy results to John Hopkins. 09:03: It was just a scary number, and I didn't want to deal with those odds.  11:02: I was kind of focusing on her health and trying to help her.  13:17: They came back saying that both implants had ruptured and that was the source of my pain. 15:08: My first thought was I don't want to do chemo.  17:37: Research has shown that many women who have had bilateral mastectomies or just mastectomies end up with damage done to the nerves. 19:47: What was your worst moment in all of this?  20:35: How about your best moment? 22:09: I got certified in holistic cancer coaching. 24:40: What is one thing you wish you had known at the very beginning of that first cancer journey?  26:44: I literally had to chase after the diagnosis and that's really frustrating for some people.  27:38: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the U.S., what would it be and why?  29:46: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions30:54: Aside from Cancer U, what's one resource that you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?  Resources Jodie's websiteJodie on FacebookEmail JodieLive with cancer
May 3, 2022

Share Your Story: Anna Leonarda

Anna Leonarda is a nine-year breast cancer survivor who struggled with endometriosis, painful intercourse, and lack of libido for many years. Approximately eight years after diagnosis, she got divorced. Traditional dating apps didn’t cater to people with sexual limitations so she created a dating app for individuals with sexual dysfunction/limitations. 01:39: How did you get diagnosed?  03:12: When I got the diagnosis, I was in shock. 05:19: I had a one-sided mastectomy.  07:16: I lost all my hair, and the side effects weren't horrible. 09:06: I'll join support groups on Facebook with 17,000 women that have vaginismus. 11:25: My mom had breast cancer, and she lived a good 10 years. 13:30: My chest looked yellow and brown.  15:38: What about the deep flap?  16:56: Did you end up doing that surgery? 20:06: What was your worst moment?  21:59: What is the one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of your cancer journey? 22:42: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the U.S., what would it be and why? 23:56: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  25:11: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource that you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?  27:24: If you're using this app, it means that intercourse is not a possibility.   Resources Anna on LinkedInAnna's dating websiteAnna on FacebookAnna on InstagramAnna on Twitter
April 29, 2022

Share Your Story: Kelley Sgroi

Kelley was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in September 2011, two days before her 41st birthday. She had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, chemotherapy, radiation Today, Kelly is 10 years cancer-free. 01:22: I was working out one day, and I had this stabbing pain in the side of my left breast. 03:23: I'm telling my parents regardless.  04:55: How old were your kids?  07:26: I've always heard that cancer doesn't hurt so why did this hurt? 09:10: There weren’t a lot of surgical options in there other than reconstruction.  10:57: October I had surgery. 13:28: I remember after my pregnancy; I couldn't feel my feet because they were so swollen.  15:09: She was telling me she had never had anyone have this kind of emotional reaction to this medication before. 17:24: I never ended up in the hospital. 18:58: I was able to accept the radiation part.  21:08: I started researching master's degree programs. 23:22: If it wasn't for cancer, I would still be a dental hygienist. 24:32: What is that one thing you wish you'd known at the very beginning? 25:45: Now I have this new implant that they think is ruptured.  27:19: Nobody told me that I was going to have issues with my chest muscles for the rest of time.  28:07: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the U.S., what would it be and why? 30:02: I had a full hysterectomy because I was having all kinds of issues after chemo. 31:11: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions. 34:14: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?  Resources Kelley's websiteKelley on FacebookKelley on Instagram
April 26, 2022

Share Your Story: Jennifer Smrz

After Jenn was diagnosed with breast cancer at 43 followed by five surgeries and 18 months of treatment, coupled with dealing with anxiety/depression, she is passionate about helping others by sharing coping strategies and helping them take control of their lives. She has made it her passion project to share her research and educate people on the importance of reading labels and knowing what ingredients are in our foods and household products. 01:32: I found a small marble-sized lump on my left breast. 03:20: They learned of a tumor that was deep in my chest cavity. 04:59: What kind of surgeries were they? 06:59: It sounds like you finished up treatment, both chemo, and radiation before Christmas 2019. 08:16: How did Covid affect your follow-up? 11:05: Everything has been on my left side.  13:17: They would pump me up and they had to do it quite slow.  14:25: What was your worst moment? 16:34: Did you hear my experience in the mammogram? 18:04: What is one thing you wish you had known at the very beginning of your cancer journey? 20:10: I wasn't excited about having my fifth surgery.  20:48: If you could only do one no more to one thing to improve health care in Canada what would it be? 22:05: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  23:01: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?  Resources Jenn on LinkedInJenn's Coaching profileJenn's Journey to Healthy Living Facebook GroupEmail Jenn at [email protected] Jenn 416.831.8392
April 19, 2022

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Andrea Wilson Woods, CEO, Co-founder

Andrea Wilson Woods, CEO, Co-founder

ANDREA WILSON WOODS is a writer who loves to tell stories, and a patient advocate who founded the nonprofit Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association. Andrea is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer University, a for-profit, social impact, digital health company. With Cancer U, Andrea synergizes her talents of coaching, writing, teaching, and advocacy. For over ten years, Andrea worked in the education field as a teacher and professor for public and private schools as well as universities. Andrea obtained her master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California; her nonfiction writing has won national awards. Her best-selling and award-winning book, Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days, is a medical memoir about raising and losing her sister to liver cancer.

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