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Building a Sustainable Direct-to-Consumer Pharma Brand with Russell Gong

Russell (Russ) Gong, co-founder of sustainability healthcare brand Cabinet. Russ is a former social entrepreneur and US National Guard, Infantry who also worked in community empowerment. The Cabinet Health brand was born as a result of his vision for a more transparent and sustainable healthcare. Building a sustainable direct-to-consumer pharma brand the right way is not an easy task, but it's today's only option. At the same time, healthcare is impersonal and it shouldn't be. OTC and pharmacies are very confusing - people wander down the aisles unsure of what to purchase - it shouldn't be this way and there are new generation entrepreneurs already tackling the challenge. Here in Episode #136, Russ starts our show with a leadership mindset to persevere through your growth mindset. Russ gives us a great overview of how he brings quality, sustainability, and personal care into every aspect of his startup organization, Cabinet. He shares insights into the personal and professional goals that drive his mission-centered career. Russ highlights how his entrepreneurial journey has deepened his personal resolve for succeeding.  Russ gives us critical areas of focus that healthcare leadership have on their radar for achieving more sustainable solutions in healthcare; and adds insights on our responsibilities for protecting the environment. Russ breaks down the highest highs and lowest lows while leading his organization. He gives a huge shout-out to the healthcare leaders that have impacted his journey. Russ breaks down the number one challenge and opportunities for emerging healthcare leaders and highlights a business opportunity for professionals looking into the world of sustainable operations. And Russ gives us a straight shot leadership mindset with no hidden contracts. • Connect with Russel on LinkedIn • Learn More About Cabinet Health • Access the Healthcare QualityCast LinkedIn Group • Leaves Us a Rating --- Send in a voice message:
September 21, 2021 by The Healthcare QualityCast

Special Episode: Resident Involvement in Advocacy

At the AAOS 2021 Annual Meeting, new host and Advocacy Council Chair Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, recorded a live, on-site interview with Austin Beason, MD, who is Chair of the Resident Assembly and host of the AAOS Career Podcast. They discussed the value of increasing resident involvement in political advocacy as the future leaders of musculoskeletal health, whether it is by participating in grassroots via the Advocacy Action Center, joining the PAC, or becoming engaged with state orthopaedic societies.  Host: Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, FAAOS, Chair Advocacy Council  Guest: Austin Beason, MD, Chair Resident Assembly  Additional Notes:  Learn more about how residents can get involved: Learn more about the Orthopaedic PAC:
September 21, 2021 by AAOS Advocacy Podcast

The Burden of Morbidity Among Transgender People

Recent reports suggest about six-tenths of a percent of the United States population, or 1.4 million people, identify as transgender. Transgender individuals are people whose personal and gender identity are different from the gender they were thought to be at birth. Good information about the health status of this group has been hard to come by although research is growing. Some data come from Medicare, which is useful but not representative of the population as a whole.Landon Hughes, a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan, joins A Health Podyssey to discuss a paper he and coauthors published in the September issue of Health Affairs describing the morbidity of privately-insured, transgender individuals as compared to cisgender people, or those whose personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.Using insurance claims data from 2001 to 2019, Hughes and colleagues report that transgender people were at an overall greater risk for morbidity than their cisgender counterparts across a broad range of conditions.If you like this interview, order the September issue of Health Affairs.Subscribe: RSS | Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google Podcasts
September 21, 2021 by A Health Podyssey

Scott Slater: How The Stupid Cancer Sausage Was Made

On the show today, my guest is Scott Slater, a longtime friend, a former colleague at Stupid Cancer, and one of the earliest activists who helped build the original young adult cancer movement back in the mid-2000s. Yes, Scott is a cancer survivor, but that’s just one of his MANY titles. He’s a software engineer and app developer…. He’s the founder and punk-in-chief at Codepunk, which is an epic web development company. He’s an accomplished musician, and NOW he can add “composer of musicals” to his long list of creds. As the aging GenX’ers that we are, Scott and I wax poetic as about cancer in the age of “Woke Culture,” his new musical, “Fable,” and how the hell we’re somehow still here after a combined 35 years of survivorship. Plus, Scott correctly identifies the idiot’s bias as the “Dunn Krueger Effect.” Alex Trebek is surely beaming from on high. Enjoy the show!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
September 21, 2021 by Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Scott Slater: How The Stupid Cancer Sausage Was Made

On the show today, my guest is Scott Slater, a longtime friend, a former colleague at Stupid Cancer, and one of the earliest activists who helped build the original young adult cancer movement back in the mid-2000s. Yes, Scott is a cancer survivor, but that’s just one of his MANY titles. He’s a software engineer and app developer…. He’s the founder and punk-in-chief at Codepunk, which is an epic web development company. He’s an accomplished musician, and NOW he can add “composer of musicals” to his long list of creds. As the aging GenX’ers that we are, Scott and I wax poetic as about cancer in the age of “Woke Culture,” his new musical, “Fable,” and how the hell we’re somehow still here after a combined 35 years of survivorship. Plus, Scott correctly identifies the idiot’s bias as the “Dunn Krueger Effect.” Alex Trebek is surely beaming from on high. Enjoy the show!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
September 21, 2021 by Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Health Care on Wheels

HighlightsIntroduction | Callie and Stacey open up the topic of physical access to medical care and provide background information on the state of health care access challenges in the U.S.01:28 Roundtable: Overview of local access | Dr. Cooper, Megan Callahan and Callie dig into transportation as a social determinant of our health and the role Lyft Healthcare is playing to improve health care access.17:17 Roundtable: Follow-up conversation | The discussion continues with  an overview of the relation between transportation challenges and other health equity concerns. 29:55 Optum Mobile Clinic, Utah | Shelly Martin joins Stacey to talk about the Optum mobile clinic in Utah, and the difference it’s making in the community.42:46 Conclusion | Stacey and Callie reflect on the interviews, summarize key learnings, and conclude the episode.ResourcesU.S. National Library of Medicine report: Scope and impact of mobile health clinics in the U.S.Mobile health mapHealth equity guidebook Guests: Megan Callahan, President, Lyft HealthcareDr. Nicole Cooper, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Affairs, UnitedHealth GroupShelly Martin, Optum Medical Network Market President, Utah The views, opinions, and content expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of Optum.Visit for more information about how Optum is helping to create a healthier world. 
September 21, 2021 by Until It’s Fixed

Ep. 87: Decentralized IoT Everywhere – Larry Pang (IoTeX)

Larry Pang is the head of business development and marketing at IoTeX. IoTeX’s mission is to enable a borderless ecosystem where humans and machines can interact with guaranteed trust, free will, and privacy. IoTeX built the first consumer grade indoor security camera that uses blockchain to secure its users data. It’s called Ucam and anyone can buy one from Amazon for about $50. Before IoTeX, Larry worked as a consultant at Oliver Wyman. IoTeX website: Larry's LinkedIn: Show Notes •Larry's background and BizDev role at IoTeX •What is the vision for IoTeX and who founded it? •UCam description and functionalities •Which industry verticals are you focusing on? Why? oSecurity, Healthcare, Supply chain •Data Privacy •Smart Homes, medical devices •Computer vision evolution •Autonomous driving • IoTeX technical specifications (architecture) o Blockchain Protocol and network o IoTeX tokenomics o Data storage and Cloud o Intel SGX o Private key generation o Privacy preserving computation capabilities o Any integration with other Home devices like Alexa, Google, etc. ? •Important applications - Healthnet and Health blocks •IoTeX Growth and scale •IoT Competitive landscape - what other companies are working on similar products/services? •Roadmap for 2021 and beyond •Final Takeaways Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter:
September 21, 2021 by Health Unchained

175 – Solving the Sales Equation; Leanne Elich, Leanne Elich Consulting

Let’s tackle and solve the science of sales together! Leanne Elich is a Psychology driven Business Strategist. She is a passionate Oncology Advocate and Global Healthcare Specialist with over twenty-five years of experience in both clinical and corporate environments. Leanne Elich Consulting is an advisory and consultancy firm specialising in psychology driven sales techniques. The company collaborates with individuals and business teams. In this episode, Pete and Leanne cover the science of sales. They explore a very cool framework developed by Petes’ guest called the periodic table of sales. Tune into this episode to understand how you can master sales and become the rep that everyone wants to see. You will also learn about virtual sales and the concept known as the periodic table of sales. Additionally, Leanne shares with us details about her recently published book.  Check out the episode and full show notes here. Loving the show?  Leave us a review, and share it with some friends, become a THT+ Member for early release, ad-free and bonus episodes of the podcast, access to our online community forum, and free tickets to our quarterly summits.  For more information visit here.
September 20, 2021 by Talking HealthTech

Bridging Relationships with Startups and Enterprise Hospitals in the Texas Medical Center with Emily Reiser, Senior Manager of Innovation Community Engagement at Texas Medical Center

In this episode, we are privileged to host Emily Reiser, the Senior Manager of Innovation Community Engagement with the Texas Medical Center. TMC is the largest medical city in the world and is at the forefront of advancing life sciences. Emily discusses how her organization drives collaboration between and among different institutions. She also shares how TMC provides access to multiple health systems, how they act as the connection between innovators and health systems. We also cover how TMC measures success, tracking metrics, and more. Emily also shares two cool examples of how her organization is adding value to healthcare. This is definitely a fantastic conversation you shouldn't miss, so please tune in! Click here for the show notes, transcript, and resources:
September 20, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Throw out the Textbook

There is no return to a pre-COVID routine. Healthcare industry is undergoing a seismic transformation amid COVID-19, and these Vanderbilt experts are at the heart of it all. Learn how amplifying teamwork, representation, and research are central to battling misinformation and saving more lives.

Reducing Reliance on the Criminal Justice System with Dr. Carrie Pettus

Reducing Reliance on the Criminal Justice System with Dr. Carrie Pettus

Brittany Partridge Leveraged her Love for Learning to Scale Telemedicine

Brittany Partridge is the Virtual Care Technical Lead at UC San Diego Health and one of her claims to fame is executing a two-year telemedicine implementation plan over the course of a weekend. She is a powerhouse in all technology related to virtual care, which became a massive asset throughout the pandemic. In this episode, Brittany shares how she's leveraged her love for learning workflows in a hospital setting to scale up telemedicine.
September 20, 2021 by HIT Like a Girl

Compassion and patient rapport building in health care

"As we enter a year and a half into a worldwide pandemic, many of us working in health care are fatigued, over-worked, and burned out on compassion. Burnout has been so widespread that the CDC published guidelines on how to cope with the stresses of the job as COVID-19 cases persist. As the Delta variant continues to spread and individuals remain unvaccinated despite the data, health care workers find themselves attempting to care for their patients and simultaneously try and care for themselves. This episode outlines some myths about the “softer side” of health care and focuses on compassion and rapport building— exploring the ways in which providing patient-centered care for those who seek our help not only improves clinical outcomes but can also help improve ourselves." Katherine Buaron is a community nurse consultant, Rush University. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "5 myths about compassion and patient rapport building in health care." ( This episode is sponsored by the Rush University Series at The Podcast by KevinMD. (
September 20, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Episode 78: Dr Ivana Kholova – Pathology Education in Finland, Cytopathology, and the Milan System

Today my guest is Pathologist Dr Ivana Kholova What we discuss with Dr Kholova: Her education in the Czech Republic and how she discovered pathology Her interest in photography and how that relates to pathology Her role as Adjunct Professor of Pathology at Tampere University and University of Eastern Finland How the pandemic affected teaching methods in Finland Problem-based learning and how she uses this method Her work in cytopathology with cervical cancer and HPV screening The Milan System for Reporting Salivary Gland Cytopathology The importance of getting involved in professional societies Links for this episode: Health Podcast Network  LabVine Learning The ConfLab from LabVine Dress A Med scrubs   Dr Kholova on Twitter Application of the Milan System for Reporting Submandibular Gland Cytopathology Tampere University University of Eastern Finland European Federation of Cytology Societies Acta Cytologica   People of Pathology Podcast: Website Twitter
September 20, 2021 by People of Pathology Podcast

319: Solocast – Work is My Drug (The Work Addiction Series – Part IV)

After you’ve taken a pause and have realized that you are indeed a workaholic, it’s time to start into the R’s. Relapse is not a moral failing. It’s going to happen. It’s a part of human psychology. It’s time to remove the guilt and shame and sit in self-compassion.    Self-compassion radically changed my life. I’ve been talking about it a lot on this podcast. Check out the links below for additional episodes.    Let’s be honest. You’re never going to escape work, so you can either relapse or step into recovery. I define recovery as actively trying to move past those negative tendencies of work addiction.    Listen to hear about my experiences with work addiction and returning to work. Be prepared to approach your work, boundaries, speech, really everything, differently. I’m sharing the tips I know are important for approaching recovery from a place of love and self-compassion.    You’re not going to get it right 100% of the time, but as long as you’re actively trying to curb you workaholic tendencies, you’ll get there!  “Self-compassion radically changed my life.” Dr. Errin Weisman   In this episode: [02:40] I share what we talked about in part III. [03:06] Today I am talking about the Rs, reentry, recovery, or relapse. [05:21] “Relapse is not a mortal failing.” [07:37] There are two courses of action you can take once you reenter work from your pause. [08:25] I share what I see when my clients come back to the workplace after their pause. [10:27] It’s important to figure out what your triggers are that motivate your work addiction. [12:00] It’s also important that employers ensure that workload rewards and incentives are based on positive behaviors instead of negative behaviors. [13:07] Now we talk about the internal beliefs we need to clean up inside ourselves. [16:25] We need to remind ourselves that being a super hard worker can be our kryptonite. [18:22] Thank you for listening. Links and Resources Locum Story   Metaphysical Milkshake Episode 12 Office Ladies Podcast   Doctor Me First Episode 28 Doctor Me First Episode 201 Doctor Me First Episode 228 Doctor Me First Episode 244 Doctor Me First Episode 308 3 WAYS TO GET INCREDIBLE HELP AT LOW-COST!!! Buy my Kindle Book, Doctor Me First, on Amazon Join us for our Monthly Burnout Masterclass Series. Sit with me in my Slack Channel. Schedule a call with Errin HERE Find out more about sponsoring an episode HERE Email Errin HERE
September 20, 2021 by Doctor Me First Podcast

318: Satisfaction with Dr. Jattu Senesie

Satisfaction isn’t always what we find when we follow our dreams. We grow, evolve, and change with every day that we’re on this Earth, and we’re allowed to change our minds. Dr. Jattu Senesie realized that she wasn’t happy in clinical medicine and found her own satisfaction by helping professionals in a way that better fit her life.    Dr. Senesie went to school to become an OB-Gyn. She practiced for a time but she didn’t feel as if she’d found the right fit. Her soul was floundering but she knew she needed to be of service and to help people.   She later became a certified success coach and now helps busy professionals put their lives, dreams, and aspirations under new lenses to find the right path. Our perspectives are not the only ones to go off of. Experiment, change, learn, repeat!   Listen as we chat about accountability and being brave enough to fail. As coaches we provide supportive accountability and we help people find satisfaction in their lives and careers. This was an amazing conversation that you won’t want to miss if you’ve been feeling less than well.   Satisfaction is not success. Success does not bring satisfaction. Find your priorities and you’ll find satisfaction in your life. “A bad example is still an example.” Dr. Jattu Senesie   In this episode: [02:21] Welcome to the show, Dr. Jattu Senesie! [02:32] She shares her background and the magic she is putting out in the world. [04:30] She talks about the way she backdoor'd her way into coaching. [07:12] I share how ass-backward I am and what I felt like in the middle of my burnout. [09:47] “We can’t expect to do something once and then become an expert at it.” [11:11] Listen as Dr. Jattu shares why she chose the word satisfaction. [15:13] She discusses the tools she uses with her clients. [19:22] She shares where you can find her Complimentary Clarity Conversation form. [21:06] Thank you so much for being on the show!   Links and Resources Locum Story   Find Jattu: Essence of Strength  Blog Email | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram     3 WAYS TO GET INCREDIBLE HELP AT A LOW COST!!! Buy my Kindle Book, Doctor Me First, on Amazon Join us for our Monthly Burnout Masterclass Series. Sit with me in my Slack Channel.  Schedule a call with Errin HERE Wanna be on this podcast: Schedule HERE Email Errin HERE
September 20, 2021 by Doctor Me First Podcast

Newsday – Patient Volumes, Remote Work, and Big Tech in Healthcare

September 20, 2021: Sue Schade from StarBridge Advisors joins Bill for the news. How can we be more productive in health IT? Where are the pain points? What tools can we bring to bear? How can we engage patients that have delayed care? McKinsey survey reveals U.S. hospital patient volumes have moved back towards 2019 levels. Wall Street Journal reports that remote work may now last for two years, worrying some bosses. Another big conversation is the rework of the labor pool. And is healthcare too hard for Big Tech firms? Some say, if companies misunderstand evidence-based medicine, they have no business bringing technology into medicine at all. And when it comes to the countless disruptive technological innovations that have been flooding the medical field the last couple of years, the essence of this change is not technological it seems, but rather cultural.Key Points:Burnout of staff is not overWhat can we do to make physician’s lives easier and more efficient?You do what you can in this Zoom world“Now What? Working in a Post Covid World” by Russ Rudish, Principal at Starbridge AdvisorsSue Schade blog: Patient Friendly Testing - Yes a Positive StoryStarBridge AdvisorsStories:Survey: Patient Volumes Reportedly Moving Back to 2019 Levels | Healthcare Innovation - hcinnovationgroup.comRemote Work May Now Last for Two Years, Worrying Some Bosses - WSJIs healthcare too hard for Big Tech firms? - Healthcare IT NewsDigital Health Is a Cultural Transformation -
September 20, 2021 by This Week In Health IT

The #1 Reason Coaches Are Not Confident

Tune in this week as we look at the number one reason why so many coaches struggle with their confidence. And at the end of this episode, you are going to have a clear path to increase your confidence every single day, until you are someone who just believes in themselves and their abilities, just like you do in your role as a physician. Get full show notes and more information here:
September 20, 2021 by The EntreMD Podcast

Support for Moms Raising Kids with Mental Health Challenges: Kris Rice

Now is a great time to start a podcast!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to learn how: ___________________ Kris Rice transforms lives thru empowerment. She provides soul-care for mamas raising kids with mental health challenges, allowing you to ditch the guilt, create calm and find freedom in your life.    Through her inspiring client programs, membership community, blogs, and social media, she’s here to show you how to prioritize your needs, even amidst chaos, reminding you that if she can do it, you can do it!   And when she’s not living her entrepreneurial dreams, you can find her indulging in snuggles with her Frenchie, cooking with her daughters, and binge-listening to podcasts.    Meet Kris and experience the life-changing impact of empowerment with the Kris Rice Collective.   Find out more about Kris here: ___________________ Hello Fearless Freedom tribe!  It’s time for another podcast episode! I appreciate that you are here and listening to another fantastic episode. ___________________ This is a great time to take a look at one of the podcasts that were lovingly brought to life with the assistance of my Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals.  These amazing women worked hard to bring their message to the world and the value they provide is immeasurable.   The Single Well Podcast (Formerly Pivot & Bloom)   The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez   Living at Your Finest   Ignite Your PowHer ___________________ RESOURCES: Looking to start a podcast? Now is a great time to do just that!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to see if starting a podcast is a match for you.  Are you too busy to participate in a facilitated course but still want to get your show started? The Podcast in a Box is for you! You provide the audio for your first 5 five shows to launch with a bang, we do the REST. Are you a podcast host or have the desire to be a podcast guest?  You will want to check out PodMatch, a free service that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews.  Here’s my invite link:   Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice!
September 19, 2021 by Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Racial disparities in surgical care

"As a practicing surgeon for 30 years in the super-specialized field of otology, neurotology and skull base surgery, I have been privy to some of the most disturbing realities of surgical care. Often, these realities are bleaker than most people expect. One thing physicians, and the general population, need to be more aware of is the very real racial disparity in surgical care. Are the outcomes for Black and Hispanic patients truly different than white patients when it comes to surgery? The answer is an astounding yes. Are the differences related to other factors such as socioeconomic class, insurance status, gender, income, extent of disease at presentation or other comorbidities? Even when controlling for many of these factors, racial disparities in the delivery of surgical care persist." Sanjay Prasad is a surgeon and founder, SurgiQuality. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "The bleak reality of racial disparity in surgical care." (
September 19, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Where does the joy and meaning in medicine dwell?

"The same question could be asked about the joy and meaning in medicine. Where does it dwell? And the answer may be the same. It dwells wherever we choose to let joy and meaning in medicine into our physician-healer lives. As I look back upon my career, it saddens me to know that those doors to my dwelling were closed shut so often. For so often, I had not a clue as to where lay the key to unlock them. For so many years, this encounter would have been chalked up to another annoying, unfathomable “little old lady dizziness syndrome.” But, on that day, in that encounter, I was graced to have those doors opened by an 86-year-old, dizzy, square dancing roller skater. I hope the doors of that dwelling never close again." Scott Abramson is a neurologist who blogs at Doctor Wisdom. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "Where does the joy and meaning in medicine dwell?" (
September 18, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care, Part 2: Discussing Equitable Healthcare Access

This is the second episode of our special coverage about equitable access to healthcare, specifically LGTBQ+ inclusive care. Part 2 features an in-depth conversation with Dr. Rachel Levine, United States Assistant Secretary for Health and Adrian Shanker, Founder and Executive Director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. As part of their conversation Dr. Levine and Adrian Shanker address common disparities that exist for racial, ethnic and gender minorities. They also discuss how our healthcare system could be better designed to promote equitable access to care and well-being. This includes what happens when providers adopt cultural competency and humility in their practice, and the roles that health education and research can play. Dr. Levine is the 17th Assistant Secretary for Health for the United States Department of Health and Human Services or HHS. Prior to serving in this position, Dr. Levine was Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health.  Adrian Shanker is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is the editor of the book, Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health.
September 17, 2021 by At the Core of Care

The Promising Future of Cutting-Edge Diabetes Care | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 341

On episode 341 of The Nurse Keith Show, Keith interviews Glytec's Lori Weiss, a highly experienced nurse and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES). This episode of The Nurse Keith Show is sponsored by Soothing Scents. Developed by a nurse anesthetist and delivered in an innovative aromatherapy inhaler system, Soothing Scents offers nurses and patients tools for cutting-edge symptom relief, which is why it is used in over 2,500 U.S. hospitals. Visit 
September 17, 2021 by The Nurse Keith Show

Untangling the complex web of US drug pricing — with AJ Loiacono

Drug prices are a major topic of conversation these days as the Biden administration grapples with federal options for mitigating what many see as out of control costs for specialty drugs. To put some context to the news, HIMSSCast host and Healthcare Finance News Managing Editor Susan Morse welcome to the show AJ Loiacono, CEO of Capital Rx, to talk a bit about why drug pricing is the way it is and what can be done.Talking points:Why are drug prices so poorly defined for doctors and patients?Capital Rx’s market-efficiency hypothesisHow Capital Rx operates and negotiates lower pricesWhy rebates are a part of drug pricingWhat the government can and should do to affect drug pricingDrug pricing needs to be transparent and consistentWhy US prices affect global pharma companies and vice versaWho benefits from drug pricing inflation?Could startups reduce drug prices the way Robinhood reduced investment costs?More about this episode:Linking U.S. prescription drug prices to those paid in other nations could cut costs in halfHHS Secretary Xavier Becerra releases proposal to lower prescription drug costsPhRMA battles Biden on proposal for Medicare to negotiate drug pricesBiden pushes for lower drug prices in $3.5 trillion budget proposalGovs. Chris Christie and Terry McAuliffe trade jabs at HIMSS21Folx Health lands $25M to develop its LGBTQA+ health platform, Digital PBM Capital Rx scores $50M and more digital health fundings
September 17, 2021 by HIMSSCast
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