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EHR Go uses case-based learning to teach a human-centered approach to technology.

With over 300 multi-faceted patient cases presented in a realistic, simulated electronic health record, Go helps students build clinical judgment skills while also learning to effectively document within an EHR. When working in Go, students must evaluate and organize competing healthcare needs into levels of urgency, while making simple to complex clinical judgments about their patient care - just like in real life.

Used in all educational healthcare disciplines, Go can be used within or between programs, and is the ideal platform for interprofessional education.

Web-based, with no software to download or maintain, Go can be used remotely or in the classroom and simulation lab.

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Great patient cases with audio

Each patient case in our newest collection includes a realistic and compelling audio interview, so your students can get a true-to-life experience of working with the patient.

Each patient case in the "In My Own Words" collection includes a realistic and compelling audio interview, so your students can get a true-to-life experience of working with the patient.

Have your students listen to the audio, conduct a thorough review of the patient’s entire Electronic Health Record (EHR) on the Go platform, then create a comprehensive plan of care.

Students will build their understanding and find the information they need to care for, diagnose, and treat, while learning important documentation skills.

Collections in Go are curated groups of patients and activities centered around important issues in healthcare. Examples of other collections include: Systemic Racism in Healthcare, Experiential Activities, Rural Healthcare and Country Stories, Difficult Discharges, Data Query and Analytics, and Patient Education 101.


Bring your lessons to life.

EHR Go is designed to encourage students to see the holistic nature of healthcare while becoming proficient in its technology.

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The Nurse Keith Show

Keith Carlson

I’ve been a nurse since 1996, and I’ve worked in a variety of clinical settings, including home health, community health, case management, public health, hospice, and nursing education. I’ve also held management and executive positions, including Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Nursing.

I’m a Board-Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC) under the auspices of the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. I also hold previous certifications in Swedish Massage, Kripalu Yoga, and Laughter Yoga. Previously, I studied the visual arts, dropping out of two Philadelphia art schools in the early 1980s.

My podcast, The Nurse Keith Show, was launched in January of 2015, and offers weekly nursing career advice, information, and inspiration for nurses and healthcare professionals who want to take their careers to the next level.

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