Being Bold Enough To Do Something Different with Dr. Felecia Froe

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Being Bold Enough To Do Something Different with Dr. Felecia Froe

October 14, 2022

Being Bold Enough To Do Something Different with Dr. Felecia Froe

My next 🎙️ podcast guest, Dr. Felecia Froe, s the owner of Money With Mission, an investment company focused on empowering professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing. As a real estate syndicator, Felecia has partnered with like-minded investors. She has raised money for several social impact projects, including a residential assisted living home in Kansas City, Missouri focusing on providing elderly residents experiencing memory problems with personalized care. With her partners at the Eco Alliance Group, she brings healthy food to food desert areas with indoor vertical farms and grocery stores. In addition to real estate investing, Dr. Froe is a licensed urological surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She has written many Best Selling books including “How to Create Wealth that Outlives You”. Plus, she is an advocate for sharing the great work others are doing for their community through her podcast Money With Mission Podcast.


In this episode, Dr. Froe shares her journey to becoming a urological surgeon and then her pivot to real estate investments and her passion for social impact. She is on a mission to use her voice, expertise, experience, and resources to fight healthcare disparities as it is related to food deserts. When you listen to this episode you will be inspired to pursue your passion and do the important work of bringing equity to all.

You can follow Dr. Froe at

If you’re ready to transition into a leadership role and make an impact in healthcare by supporting your colleagues, reducing healthcare disparities, and improving outcomes, schedule a discovery call with me at

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