Cardiogenic Shock with Sean from the Nurse Dose Podcast

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Cardiogenic Shock with Sean from the Nurse Dose Podcast

May 11, 2024

Cardiogenic Shock with Sean from the Nurse Dose Podcast

In this in-depth episode, cardiac nursing expert Sean from the Nurse Dose Podcast vividly illustrates how acute coronary syndromes, valve dysfunction, arrhythmias, and mechanical complications can all culminate in cardiogenic shock. You’ll learn to spot the ominous signs like falling cardiac output, rising filling pressures, and poor end-organ perfusion. But most importantly, Sean equips you with the critical interventions – from revascularization to advanced circulatory support devices like balloon pumps and Impella pumps. Whether you’re an ICU nurse or just want to solidify your knowledge of this high-stakes condition, this masterclass on cardiogenic shock is a must-listen.

This episode is part of Nurses’ PodCrawl 2024. Check out other episodes from these excellent nurse podcasters:

From this episode:

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