Understanding Our Care

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Understanding Our Care

At best estimates, only 1 out of every 10 adults is able to fully understand their care—which leads to poorer health outcomes. Research suggests that in the Medicare population, helping…
September 28, 2021

Understanding Our Care


  • Introduction | Callie Chamberlain kicks off the episode with some background on health literacy – the ability of patients to access, understand and use medical information to make health care decisions.
  • 1:57 Interview: Lambert van der Walde | Lambert van der Walde, who lead the publication of the UnitedHealth Group health literacy research brief, discusses the difference between individual and organizational health literacy, and how organizations and providers can communicate more effectively. 
  • 17:40 Interview: Dr. Dean Schillinger | Dr. Dean Schillinger covers the idea of health literacy at a population, rather than individual or organizational, level. The discussion then moves to his advocacy work in programs like Youth Speaks and The Bigger Picture. 
  • 40:44 Conclusion| Callie summarizes key learnings and concludes the episode.





Lambert van der Walde, SVP & Executive Director, Center for Health Care Research at UnitedHealth Group

Dr. Dean Schillinger, Director, UCSF Health Communications Research Program, Center for Vulnerable Populations, San Francisco General Hospital 


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