Voice Enabled Healthcare with Kristi Ebong with Orbita

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Voice Enabled Healthcare with Kristi Ebong with Orbita

March 11, 2020

Voice Enabled Healthcare with Kristi Ebong with Orbita

March 10, 2020: The last couple of years have seen huge strides in the voice-tech space and this has had obvious effects on healthcare. Our guest today is Kristi Ebong from Orbita and she is here for this quick episode to discuss the current voice landscape, how Orbita fit into it and areas most affected by the progress being made. We discuss the digital front door and how voice search is the most prominent part of what is happening in the space right now. Kristi discusses the 'bedside' and the improvements that are being made in efficiency and care with regards to patient allocation and specialists. Lastly, we look at how voice-tech is being used in call centers and the higher quality of service that is available to patients over the phone. Kristi also comments about investing in voice-tech in the healthcare space, the current position of the market and the unique situation in which the industry finds itself currently. Orbita is hosting a virtual conference this very week, in lieu of this year's canceled HIMSS event, so make sure to head over to the website and sign up immediately, you do not want to miss out!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick run-through of Orbita, what they do and their customer base. 
  • Information on the virtual conference that is being hosted by Orbita this week!
  • Speakers and presentations at the event that have already been confirmed.  
  • The digital front door, the centrality of search and the role of voice in this evolving space. 
  • Unique opportunities present right now with regards to voice search. 
  • Voice technology in call center operations and better customer service over the phone. 
  • Kristi's thoughts on investing in voice tech at this current juncture.
  • More info and reasons to sign up for the virtual conference.

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