The Genesis of Innovation with Mostafa Khairzada and David Baker of Pacific Dental

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The Genesis of Innovation with Mostafa Khairzada and David Baker of Pacific Dental

March 6, 2020

The Genesis of Innovation with Mostafa Khairzada and David Baker of Pacific Dental

March 6, 2020: People have been talking about interoperability in the healthcare space for some time and the pivotal point is finally arriving. Systems are coming together and the advances are being seen in dental as much as any other area. The proverbial head which has been disconnected from its shoulders in healthcare is being reattached thanks to systems like Epic’s MyChart. In this episode, Bill caught up with two of his old colleagues from Saint Joseph Health, Mostafa Khairzada, and David Baker. David is now the CIO of Pacific Dental with Mostafa as his secret weapon being the director of clinical and emerging technologies. Today the three sit down to speak about innovation at Pacific Dental. Their conversation covers Mostafa’s forward-thinking approach and his track record of experiencing systems firsthand from the patient's perspective to come up with optimizations using technology. You’ll hear about what is currently being implemented at Pacific, and also get a few sneak peeks of what is in store. The future of dental looks more empowered from the patient’s perspective, with their forthcoming ability to see their entire heath records in the chair in all coming consultations due to Epic’s interoperability technologies. The team is pragmatically innovating and changing the dental space thanks to their future-focused approach so make sure you tune in to hear more about what they are doing to keep Pacific a leader in the dental space.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Rising changes in healthcare and dental at Pacific through Epic’s Wisdom.
  • How Mostafa lives the patient experience to conceive innovations.
  • Mostafa’s idea to merge a kids toy concept with PACS software to optimize surgery.
  • Aspects of consumer service and innovation in Bill, Mostafa, and David’s partnership.
  • Requirements for across-the-board access that interoperability needs to fill.
  • Mostafa and Dave’s responsibility to continue to innovate to keep their company at the top.
  • How a state-of-the-art 3D tooth printing machine attracted Dave to Pacific initially.
  • Epic, HIE, EMR, and DIE: innovation in the merge between medical and dental.
  • Innovations Mostafa is working on: AI-driven precision medicine.
  • Updates in the dental space on the consumer side at Pacific: an online booking system.
  • Benefits of using Epic’s MyChart app for patients and doctors as far as correlating health.
  • How patients can be more empowered in consultations after having access to their records.
  • Optimizations in office construction as Pacific has scaled: SD-WAN tech and more.
  • Cone Beam technology at Pacific enabling it to move into airways and sleep apnea issues.
  • Envisioning workshops Mostafa holds that act as signposts for future innovations.
  • The need to be involved in operations in order to know where to innovate.
  • Future thinking and having a great team; things that make an inventive company.
  • Companies such as Google and Amazon which provide Pacific with different technologies.

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