The EHR Market – Misconceptions and the Path Forward

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The EHR Market – Misconceptions and the Path Forward

September 9, 2022

The EHR Market – Misconceptions and the Path Forward

September 9, 2022: Healthcare is looking for a robust, integrated, person-centered record that can operate across multiple care delivery environments and bring efficiency and less friction across the patient and consumer health experience. MEDITECH Expanse rated 82.9 in the latest KLAS report on EHRs. The EHR has always been the system of record. Where does it go from here? What is the future? Helen Waters, Executive VP and COO for MEDITECH joins us today. Where is the market taking MEDITECH? What is their approach to usability and preventing burnout? What about interoperability? Can MEDITECH offer sustainability amongst the rising cost burdens on healthcare organizations? What is their approach to patient-centered care? How will MEDITECH continue to challenge the market moving forward?

Key Points:

  • It took a lot of courage to hit a pause button while meaningful use was going
  • on to develop Expanse
  • The evolution of value based care will continue to place demands on electronic health records that MEDITECH is very prepared to meet
  • Our goal is always to make technology affordable and scalable

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