The CIO Role Building on Operational Excellence

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The CIO Role Building on Operational Excellence

March 24, 2021

The CIO Role Building on Operational Excellence

March 24, 2021: How do you attract major IT talent to paradise? AKA Florida? How does someone from a military background quickly scale the CIO world and also wear the hat of pseudo COO? William Walders, CIO and SVP of Operations Support at Health First gives us insights into his operations and IT roadmap including ITSM, Data Analytics, Security, IT Governance, IT Automation and App Rat. How do you measure productivity? Are your staff evolving? Do you think about succession planning? What is Digital Enablement? How do we get things into IT? How is that governed? How do we report out? Have you adjusted your hiring practices post COVID? How do you approach interoperability? And for people early on in their career, what would you tell them prepares them to be a CIO?

Key Points:

  • Some CIOs are going in a digital direction. Some are going in an operational direction. Both make sense. [00:13:00] 
  • In health systems worth 8 to 10 billion, CIOs can do a lot more than just their traditional role [00:15:40] 
  • I used to hire military people and the reason is because they're so well-prepared and so well-trained [00:26:59] 
  • We’re looking for things that stitch IT together. Digital enablement. [00:37:18] 
  • What is a health village? [00:38:15] 
  • For tonsil removal in my zip code the prices range from $259 to $49,660! [00:44:00] 
  • Shhhhh don't tell anyone, unless they want to come work here and change the world of healthcare – William Walders LinkedIn post 
  • Health First 

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