State of Telehealth with David McSwain, MD

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State of Telehealth with David McSwain, MD

September 18, 2020

State of Telehealth with David McSwain, MD

September 18, 2020: We faced massive barriers and headwinds going into the pandemic. Was it a tipping point for telehealth or was there just an illusion of a tipping point? David McSwain, MD and CMIO for the Medical University of South Carolina discusses it’s development. We also learn about Sprout, a national telehealth research network. How do we measure the quality and effectiveness of the care that's being delivered through telehealth? What about current funding? Is it sufficient? What about patient behaviour? And how do CMIOs, CIOs and Chief Medical Officers manage telehealth today?

Key Points:

  • STEM framework – Sprout Telehealth Evaluation Measurement [00:15:20] 
  • The funding uncertainty is holding us back [00:18:47] 
  • Arch collaborative surveys. That’s the kind of approach we really need to take [00:25:06] 
  • State licensure restrictions vs the relaxation of regulations [00:27:13] 
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