Rehab Industry in the Pandemic with Nancy Ham

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Rehab Industry in the Pandemic with Nancy Ham

January 13, 2021

Rehab Industry in the Pandemic with Nancy Ham

January 13, 2021: Economic issues, societal issues, technology transformation … 2020 was quite the year. Nancy Ham, CEO of WebPT talks us through the rehab industry’s roller coaster ride. How has this industry been impacted at the various stages of the pandemic? How do you go from 0% tele-rehab visits to 100% in a matter of weeks? What can you do as a CEO to ensure your organization can weather the storm or even thrive? What stage of startups were most vulnerable during the pandemic? What kind of startups benefited the most? And what can you do to ensure diversity inclusion in your company? And in your personal life too. “Diversity is, you're invited to the dance. Inclusion is, you're invited onto the dance floor. Equality is, you got to help pick the music. And at the end of the day, how did you feel when you went home from the dance?” 

Key Points:

  • PT saw a huge adoption in tele-rehab [00:09:00] 
  • Patient relationship management through the EHR [00:15:10] 
  • The startups that boomed in the pandemic were anything tele or contactless. And companies who deal with mental health, stress and resiliency. [00:25:07] 
  • WebPT’s employee net promoter score doubled during the pandemic Zoom period [00:28:32] 
  • It's okay that we're not okay. Don't put up a fake facade. Nobody is okay this year. [00:31:10] 
  • There's a direct correlation between racial inequality and health inequality [00:34:05]
  • WebPT 

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