Recovering CIOs Discuss the State of Health IT

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Recovering CIOs Discuss the State of Health IT

May 21, 2021

Recovering CIOs Discuss the State of Health IT

May 21, 2021: Bill Russell has a candid conversation with Bill Spooner, retired CIO, long term member of the CHIME Opioid Task Force and Founding Advisor at Huntzinger Advisors. They go deep! Bill discusses his 35 years at Sharp. What were the greatest cyber threats back then? What was the level of telehealth adoption compared to what it is now? So many waivers and additional reimbursement opportunities emerged during the pandemic. Should we be worrying that we'll never get healthcare costs under control again? What is the concept of digital thrust? Quantum computing has the potential to upset even the most sophisticated cybersecurity strategies we're putting in place. It also gives us the ability to do research at a level we've never even considered before. Where is all this taking us? What will healthcare look like for the patient 10 years from now?

Key Points:

  • It’s one thing to say you're using NIST and another to actually rigorously follow it and be evaluated in terms of how airtight your security program is [00:07:40]
  • When you hear an organization say the CEO doesn't like to have to use two factor authentication so we turned it off for them. That's just the wrong approach. We have to have teeth in our cybersecurity programs. [00:08:15] 
  • What will the long term impact of COVID be on healthcare? [00:19:10]
  • What should health IT focus on to drive down the cost of healthcare for their community? [00:21:45]
  • We used to talk about getting from reactive analytics to predictive models for analytics. Now we're getting into real-time predictive models for analytics. [00:28:20] 
  • Huntzinger Advisors

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