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Patient Room Next

July 22, 2020

Patient Room Next

July 22, 2020: Digital initiatives in healthcare are being accomplished at a staggering pace. What is the patient room going to look like next? What is the future of hospitals? We had a compelling discussion with a CIO, CEO and CTO from Sirius Healthcare. Please meet Eli Tarlow, Ed Ricks and Fred Holston. They talk about the why, the what and most importantly the how. The cat really is out of the bag. We are never going back. Digital has changed things for good. 

Key Points:

  • The landscape of the patient room [00:05:55] 
  • Sharpening the digital tool belt [00:09:25]  
  • See how organizations revamp workflows on the fly [00:10:15] ] 
  • Transitioning from brick and mortar to more technology enabled outcomes [00:11:10]
  • Popup tents, temporary ICU, recovery rooms [00:11:55]
  • The shift to community care and more outpatient care [00:15:40]
  • Rethinking the whole paradigm of what goes on in the hospital and in workflows
  • Patients new expectations of healthcare [00:27:15] 
  • We can do things today that we hadn't even thought about before [00:41:40] 

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