Nuance Ambient Listening (DAX): A Case Study with Metro Health

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Nuance Ambient Listening (DAX): A Case Study with Metro Health

July 28, 2021

Nuance Ambient Listening (DAX): A Case Study with Metro Health

July 28, 2021: Physicians have enough stressors let alone having to worry about the conversations they’re having with patients. How do they document it? How do they make sure they’re connecting? And afterwards, how can they have the confidence that the data is all there? That’s where DAX comes in. Dragon Ambient eXperience is a comprehensive AI-powered voice-enabled solution which uses ambient sensing technology to securely listen to clinician-patient encounter conversations. Nuance, a leader in conversational AI, is fine tuning this technology with Metro Health. Their number one priority is to help solve physician burnout. Our guests are Diana Nole, EVP General Manager at Nuance and Josh Wilda, CIO and Dr. Lance Owens, CMIO for Metro Health.

Key Points:

  • I had a doctor tell me you fixed healthcare in one button because the DAX product is so easy to use [00:08:45] 
  • How do we make sure providers are progressive with the technology they’re using so they can continue to focus on the patients [00:11:05] 
  • DAX unlocks the physician from being at the computer [00:13:10] 
  • Sometimes it’s hard to flip bricks and mortar for new technologies [00:18:25] 
  • Don’t price out smaller organizations in early technology adoption [00:25:50] 
  • Dragon Ambient eXperience – Nuance
  • Dragon Medical One – Nuance 
  • Metro Health

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