News Day – My List, Haven, and Work From Home

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News Day – My List, Haven, and Work From Home

May 26, 2020

News Day – My List, Haven, and Work From Home

May 26, 2020: We're back with another Tuesday News Day! In this episode, we dive into a variety of news stories, with three features focusing on the future role of tech and tech spending in healthcare. Our first article, ‘Don’t Sleep. Healthcare CIOs Must Step Into 2021 Now,’ was published by Forbes and features David Chou’s top 10 tech priorities for healthcare CIOs. Bill provides his own take on the topic before exploring a second article — ‘The Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan Health Ventures’ Fails to Disrupt,’ a Bloomberg piece that explores how Haven failed to meet expectations of disrupting healthcare. Next, Bill looks at research by Ray Wang which predicts an increase in tech spending in the healthcare sector — and why this spending won’t affect traditional projects — before discussing Angela Yochem’s  Protocol piece on why working remotely should become the norm, and not the exception. Finally, Bill briefly talks about his great love, baseball, as he discusses an article in The Wall Street Journal about the many ‘unfun’ regulations that the MLB is proposing to keep their players safe. Listen to this episode to pick up Bill’s key insights and advice on the future of healthcare. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • David Chou lists 10 key tech priorities for healthcare CIOs to initiate for 2021.
  • Bill provides his own list of top tech priorities for healthcare in the future. 
  • Why Bill thinks that CIOs need to be working on integrating virtual and home-based care.
  • The importance of asset-light strategies for moving into new markets.
  • How Edward Jones opened new offices when their competitors were closing theirs. 
  • Expect business opportunities to arise from the financial stresses of COVID-19.
  • Why IT needs more efficiency and how this impacts your M&A playbook. 
  • The norm of cost-cutting and why agility is the metric with the highest value.
  • Everything has changed; reevaluate every project, especially in light of a post-COVID world.
  • The status of Haven, the Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan health venture. 
  • Tech spending is predicted to increase in the health sector but not for traditional projects. 
  • Why remote-work is here to stay — within reason. 
  • Successful businesses are embracing a customer-centric, data-driven, and agile culture.
  • MLB’s safety framework; the need to provide protection for people going back to work. 

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